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How to Create an At-Home Library

How to Create an At-Home Library

If reading books is your favorite leisure activity, having a dedicated library in your home is likely a goal or dream of yours. As you begin planning for your dream at-home library, be sure to shop Kohl’s to find the decorative accents and furniture you need to create a reading room that you’ll love for years to come.

Anytime you’re looking to elevate the look and feel of your home, check out the full selection of living space essentials available at Kohl’s. Each and every room of your home is covered, including the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and more.

Preparing Your Home Library

Evaluate Your Book Collection

Taking stock of your book collection will help you to know how much room you need to store your books. Books come in a wide variety of sizes, page counts, bindings, etc., which can affect how you’ll store them. You’ll also consider grouping books by genre to make them easy to find.

Going through your collection will allow you to set a plan in advance of building your library space.

Choose Your Space

So you have all your books sorted and ready to be displayed. Now, where will you store them? Choosing the room or space in your home for your library is the next step, and is probably the biggest consideration in this process.

First, you need space that will hold all your books, as well as any furnishings you want to include in the room, like chairs, bookcases and more. Another thing to consider when positioning your library is the potential for temperature changes. Try not to position your at-home library against outside walls, which are most impacted by changing temperatures and moisture. Since the presence of heat, cold and moisture can alter the physical properties of books, keeping them away from outside walls is a must.

As for optimal places to install your library, consider lesser used or unused areas first and foremost. Places like spare interior rooms make ideal library locations. These can be home offices, bedrooms or dens. Basements can work, too, but be sure to have proper humidifiers to regulate moisture in the air. Keep the books away from foundational walls.

Incorporate Functional Shelving

The books are ready, the spot is picked out and now it’s time to install shelving to keep those books stored and displayed.
There are two general types of shelves to choose from when constructing your library: built-in and freestanding. Built-in shelving units are permanent and are affixed to the walls in the room.

Freestanding shelving comes in the form of a separate bookcase or bookshelf. These furniture pieces are then placed against a wall and can be moved as needed at a later time.

Within those two options, there are numerous shelving styles to choose from, including floating shelving, corner shelving and adjustable shelving. Floating shelves are versatile and allow you to install them exactly how and where you want them. Corner shelving uses the corners in your room, which generally go unused. The shelves are specifically designed to fit in that difficult space. Adjustable shelving features shelves that can be customized to fit the exact dimensions you need for your library.

Set the Seating

With all your books now placed on shelves around the library, you’ll need seating options that allow you to get comfortable while reading your favorite novel.

If your library is just a corner nook in your living room, you may be able to use chairs or seats that already exist in your home. If you’re creating an entirely new space for a library, you’ll want fresh, new seating options that ensure comfort. For a classic look and feel, choose traditional armchairs or sofas. Leather or faux-leather options provide timeless appeal you’ll love in your reading room.

Be sure to tie into your home’s overall aesthetic to tie the whole atmosphere together. If you employ a mid-century modern theme in all areas of your home, build a mid-century modern library with furniture that fits that vibe.

Light Up Your Library

A properly lit library is essential, as reading requires enough light to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Natural lighting is the most desired, but you’ll likely be placing lamps in your library if you plan on reading at night.

Enhance your library’s use of natural light by incorporating mirrors or other reflective surfaces to help fill the room with the sun’s light. Choose floor lamps, ring lights or desk lamps to place strategically around the room to provide illumination in low-light situations.

Must-Have Items For Your At-Home Library

The collection of furniture, lighting, décor and more at Kohl’s includes many products that will fit right into your at-home library. Here are some to consider as you plan your brand new reading room.

Organize Your Books on a Sauder Woodworking Heritage Hill Bookshelf

This elegant bookshelf is sure to look great in your library. At the same time, its three adjustable shelves and cord management openings allow you to organize your books and set up your lamps and other electronics with ease.

The rich color is timeless and is sure to tie into other furniture in your room. When assembled, it stands over 70 inches tall, offering plenty of display space. It also comes with a five-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Ready Yourself For Reading with a Safavieh Dale Leather Armchair

A luxurious, comfortable chair is key in any reading library. This leather armchair from Safavieh provides the classic look, as well as the welcoming feel you’re looking for.

A padded seat, back and arms provide all-day comfort that will keep you feeling your best as you read your favorite book from cover to cover. Underneath the leather sits a durable wooden frame that promises long-lasting use.

Illuminate Your Library with a Set of Mae Table Lamps

Stylish lamps are a great way to add functional style to your library. This set of two table lamps not only gives you good looking décor you can add to your space, but it will also allow you to read any time, day or night.

These lamps feature taupe-colored shades that connect to many different décor themes. The lamps come complete with extra-long cords, allowing you to place them wherever you need them.

Give Your Library a Leg Up with a Carolina Cottage 2-in-1 Library Ladder Folding Chair

Another seating option to consider is this folding chair. It offers portability and durability, along with a classic wooden folding chair silhouette that will suit your library space.

But even more appealing than its classic look is the fact that the chair doubles as a library ladder! The bottom of the chair unhinges to create a step ladder that makes reaching books on the top shelf as easy as can be. When the chair is not in use for seating or for use as a ladder, there is a lower shelf that is perfect for displaying decorative accents.

Enhance the Look of Your Library with a Piece of Americanflat Visual Philosophy ”Dr. Seuss Books Pile” Framed Wall Art

Wall art is a quick, convenient way to spruce up the blank spaces in your room. In your library, choose a piece of wall art that connects to the theme.

This framed wall art features book graphics, which create literary style ideal for an at-home library. The art piece also features an iconic quote from Dr. Seuss. The artwork is designed for a vertical display, and also comes with an attached keyhole for easy hanging.

Build an at-home library with items from Kohl’s, and create a reading area that’s sure to be one of your favorite places in your living space. With storage for your books, comfortable seating, lighting and charming decorations, your library will be a stand-out room in your home.