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Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Just because you live in a home or apartment where space is at a premium doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and outfit that space in a way that makes it useful, functional, and stylish! This is especially true in the smallest rooms of your small space, like the bathroom. The good news is that there are storage solutions for these tiny spots that ensure you get the most out of your real estate!

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Medicine Cabinets

If you do live in a home that offers limited storage space in your bathroom, you’re likely looking for tips on how to maximize the space you do have. Well, look no further! Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of limited space in your bathroom.

Sometimes, the old tried-and-true methods of storage are the best. And when it comes to maximizing your space in the bathroom, nothing quite measures up to a medicine cabinet for storage that’s easy to access, functional, and takes up very little room.

A medicine cabinet is essentially a mirror that opens, offering a cabinet behind it that provides a place to keep items like toothbrushes, makeup, and – as the name suggests – medicines. The cabinet is built into the wall, so it doesn’t use any room on shelves or in a closet. Plus, the mirror provides functionality as well, letting you get ready in the morning with ease.

Take Advantage of Underutilized Areas

Certain areas in the bathroom(s) in your home are likely not used at all, as they are inconvenient, awkward, or inaccessible. These spaces include corners, wall space, spots behind doors, and others.

So how can one use these areas to their advantage when it comes to storage? Well, let’s look at these areas one at a time to see how they can be better utilized.

Corner Storage

Corners are tough to use, as they could be hard to access and quite tight on space, so not much can be put in the area. This can all change, however, if you utilize specific corner-fitting furniture like cabinets and shelving units. Since this space is likely unused anyway, it makes perfect sense to add a storage unit that can make that area have a purpose!

Bathroom Shelves

Next up, consider utilizing the vertical space in your bathroom as places to store things. Whether it’s using tall, yet narrow storage shelves, or using a specific shelving unit that’s designed to fit above your toilet, looking up is a great way to ensure those underused spots don’t go underutilized for long!

Shower Caddies and Over-Door Storage

Make sure you also use other often forgotten areas in your bathroom, like behind the door and even in the shower. Specific hangers like over-the-door hooks and shower caddies that hang on a showerhead are ideal for holding items in easy-to-reach places, while giving you a way to keep items in their specific spot. Door hooks are great for holding on to towels, while a shower caddy keeps your soaps and shampoos in the perfect place – right where you use them! If your shower is narrow and doesn’t offer any built-in shelves or surfaces, a caddy is a must! Shower caddies can also be used in other areas to hold additional items – for example, consider using them under the sink in a cabinet to hold cleaning supplies!

Shower Rod Storage

Another way to use that empty shower space for storage is by adding in a second tension rod in the back of the shower. Then, using S-hooks, add even more caddies that can hang from the hooks to hold other items. Not to mention, the S-hooks can provide an easy place to hang tools like loofahs and brushes, which typically come with fabric loops designed specifically for hanging. Storing these items this way keeps them out of sight, but also ensures they’re exactly where you need them.

Other ideas to consider: add hooks, small bins, and magnetic strips to the back of cabinet doors to hold items like hair brushes, tweezers and nail clippers, put bathroom cleaning products in a rotating “Lazy Susan” turntable under the sink, add wicker baskets to spaces that are not used (even adhering them to the walls to make shelf-like storage), and keep items you store on the sink within a small tray to add organized appeal.

Other Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

One surprising item that can really help as a storage option for a small bathroom is a bar cart. This item, since it is able to roll on a set of wheels, means it can be moved freely and positioned, adjusted, and set up exactly where you want to need it. Adding essential items like towels, bath tissue, soaps, and more means that this way of storing items can be adjusted with ease, set where you need it, and always ready to offer you the item you’re searching for! And when not in use, the cart can simply be rolled away and used elsewhere in your abode!

In the same way as the medicine cabinet discussed above, look for other ways of adding built-in storage to your small bathroom. Built-ins take up zero floor space, making them perfect for small areas like bathrooms. Built-in storage units offer classic style and timeless functionality, so they’ll always be in demand and always get used. Also consider built-in units of various sizes. Not all built-in shelves need to be large. One the size of a mirror near your sink can work the same way a medicine cabinet does. And if you already have a medicine cabinet, this will multiply your storage space immediately!

Hooks are another option when it comes to adding extra storage space in underused areas of your small bathroom – especially ones that can be attached to the walls independently. This allows you to create custom storage spots that suit your needs exactly, so you can hang things like towels, brushes, and more right where you need them. Hooks are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, finishes, and more, so you can find options that suit your home’s style and space.

With lots of options and ideas for increasing your storage space in your bathroom, it’s time to start shopping for the bathroom storage essentials you need! Luckily, Kohl’s is a great place to find these must-haves, so you can create a stylish and functional bathroom space that’s organized and designed to your needs!