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Essential Utensils for Getting That Farmhouse Kitchen Look

Essential Utensils for Getting That Farmhouse Kitchen Look

Decorating your kitchen is a great way to create a welcoming and inviting environment. It’s also a great way to add seasonal appeal to your living space, allowing you to change up themes and looks as the months progress throughout the year.

As fall rolls around, a great way to add some rustic, autumn charm to your kitchen is to add in tools, décor, and utensils that evoke the feeling of a farmhouse. This theme gives your space a down-home atmosphere by using classic and timeless touches.

Add Rustic Charm to Your Serveware Collection with this Food Network Wood Serving & Sharing Board

Wooden details and accents really capture the rustic farmhouse feel. You can tie into the theme with this wood serving and sharing board from Food Network! Made of distressed mango wood, this serving board is ideal for using when creating a cheese and sausage platter to share with guests, or when placing a sliced loaf of artisan bread on the table at dinnertime.

If rustic is what you’re looking for when it comes to decorating in your kitchen, a wooden sharing board is a great way to achieve that style, and at the same time, will give you a functional surface to incorporate into your dinnerware collection!

Add Style & Function When Cooking Meals with a Food Network Acacia Wood Slotted Spoon

Decorating your home with rustic farmhouse décor on the walls, table, shelves, and more is great to set the tone. Continue this theme even into your cooking tasks by incorporating wooden utensils like this Food Network Acacia Wood Slotted Spoon. The acacia wood construction is durable and attractive, meaning it will last a long time and give you rustic style for years to come!

Even better, the acacia slotted spoon easily pairs with other matching utensils, allowing you to round out and complete your kitchen tool collection. Not only will your utensils all look great together, but you’ll have the right tools for the job as you cook delicious entrees and meals!

Coordinate with Other Utensils Using a Food Network Acacia Wood Spoon

So you’ve added the Food Network Acacia Wood Slotted Spoon into your kitchen drawer, and now you want to continue to add new and matching options that will go right along with it.

In that case, another wooden utensil to add into your collection is a Food Network Acacia Wood Spoon. Not only does this spoon coordinate with other acacia wood utensils in the Foot Network collection, but they round out your assortment of tools you can use to cook meals and serve dinner with ease! The construction is easy to clean and care for, and is sure to last for many years and through many uses.

Mix & Prepare Meals Using a Food Network Acacia Wood Turner

Just like the previous acacia wood options, this Food Network turner easily works into your farmhouse theme. Not only does the look fit in perfectly with your other utensils, but the functionality of the turner means it’s sure to be a must-have as you mix and cook all kinds of tasty food options!

Now your kitchen utensil collection is complete, as all your new spoons and tools match construction and style, ensuring you can not only work on prepping meals with ease, but also feel coordinated and stylish as you use these refined and durable tools each and every day!

Whip Up a Wide Range of Meals with a Versatile Food Network Tuxedo Whisk

Perhaps your kitchen farmhouse theme requires a bit more of a metallic addition to the collection. The Food Network Tuxedo Whisk fits the bill, as it offers a lightweight stainless steel construction that makes it easy to handle. It’s also dishwasher safe, so it can easily be cleaned and ready to use again at a moment’s notice!

Set the Table in Style with a Food Network Farmhouse 3-piece Dip Bowl Set

Another serveware option to use in conjunction with your farmhouse décor theme is this Food Network dip bowl set. Created with a simple, yet timeless design, these bowls can be used for a variety of functions.

Use them to hold dips, as the spouts provide easy and effective pouring. They can also be used as small snack bowls, dessert bowls, and more. The stoneware construction ensures durability and easy care, too.

Store Essential Ingredients in Themed Jars With This Certified International Just Words 4-piece Canister Set with Wooden Lids

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized is important, and storing items in style can make the space feel even more welcoming. Using these canisters to corral essentials like sugar and flour not only ensures your ingredients are easy to find, but they’re held in a way that adds charm to your kitchen!

The durable ceramic construction makes these canisters dishwasher safe, too, enhancing the convenience of the set. With a style that’s sure to tie into your rustic farmhouse theme, as well as functionality that offers easy-to-use organization, these canisters are must-haves in your kitchen!

No matter what theme you use to decorate your kitchen, shop Kohl’s and find a wide variety of kitchen cookware, kitchen décor, and other kitchen & dining essentials that fit your style! Having the right tools with the right look and feel ensures that you’ll use your kitchen as the perfect place to prepare meals and more!