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How to Add the Edgy Trend to your Wardrobe

How to Add the Edgy Trend to your Wardrobe

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Are you interested in building a look that’s uniquely yours? Then consider embracing the edgy fashion trend, which challenges the norms and makes you think outside the box!

Edge isn’t necessarily about a specific style type. Whether your look is bohemian, modern classic, rock ’n’ roll, eclectic, trendy, preppy, avant-garde, or casual athletic, you can create an edge with a variety of different outfit combinations and considerations.

So what does edgy mean? It means whatever you want it to! You should embrace your edgy side in all that you do, by wearing the clothing that makes you feel your best. Take inspiration from this article, and find the look that sets you apart from the rest!

How Do You Make an Edgy Outfit?

As previously mentioned, edgy outfits are all up to the wearer. So building the look you want is entirely up to you. Want to go for a punk look? Try a rock band graphic tee with distressed jeans and Converse sneakers or black boots. Want to add some edge to your glam ensemble? Consider a statement accessory or jewelry piece like a large watch or a handful of fashion rings.

Edgy outfits also feature some specific features, sometimes regardless of the theme you’re going for. Wardrobe features like zippers, color options like black, and interesting accessories like handbags with studs or chains can bring an edgy appeal in any situation.

What Makes Clothes “Edgy”?

While the previous section discussed features found in edgy outfits, it’s time to look at what specifically makes certain clothing options “edgy”, as well as the various ways you can incorporate edgy items into your look.

For example, are you a person who likes to keep their look more classic or traditional, but are interested in adding a bit of edge to your ensemble? Then incorporate clothing that features something as simple as various angles, leather trim, or studded accents.

Even aspects of apparel like texture can give you a slight edge that fits into the edgy trend. For definitive edgy appeal, choose apparel like distressed jeans or oversized knit sweaters. If you want a more toned-down approach, choose items like quilted jackets with angular stitching, lace-trimmed or mesh tops, ribbed details, and more.

Color and pattern is another aspect that makes clothing “edgy”. Think things like leopard print patterns, snake skin boots, and more. The classic “edgy” color is black, and building an all-black outfit makes a definite statement.

Aside from clothing, your choices of makeup and accessories can work with your edge ensemble. When adding accessories or jewelry, look for those angles again – think triangular-shaped earrings or pendants. When applying makeup, consider something as simple as a bold lipstick color to get that edge you’re looking for. For even more intensity, work in some smoky eye shadow and eye liner to take your look to a whole new level.

Our Picks for an Edgy Outfit in 2022

If you’re looking for some additional inspiration, consider the following outfit options to put you right in line with the edgy trend that’s super popular right now.

Capture the Edgy Look & Stay Comfortable at the Same Time in a Nine West Faux-Fur Hooded Coat

No matter the direction you take your edgy ensemble, you need to top it off with a coat or jacket that will make a statement. This coat from Nine West instantly adds elevated appeal that finalizes the edgy appeal you’re after.

A supersoft faux-fur fabric and hood ensure all-day warmth, while the flattering cut and hidden elastic waistband provides a fit and silhouette that suits you. Multiple pockets hold your essentials, and a zip front helps keep warmth in.

Add in Edgy Style to Your Everyday Look with a Pair of Sonoma Goods For Life Premium Curvy High-Waisted Straight-Leg Crop Jeans

Being edgy doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to incorporate other style trends into your look. These Premium Curvy High-Waisted Straight-Leg Crop Jeans from Sonoma Goods for Life add in the classic high-waist look that’s all the rage right now.

You can easily incorporate a variety of shirts and tops into looks that include these jeans, including graphic tees, blouses, and more. They can also be dressed up and down with a variety of shoes, accessories, and jewelry, giving you the ability to craft the edgy look exactly you want.

Step Into Edgy Style with a Pair of Nine West Volley Women’s Block Heel Ankle Boots

Footwear is another area in which you can incorporate edgy style with ease. These block heel ankle boots from Nine West are great for adding in to your look, no matter what kind of edgy style you’re hoping to embrace.

A zipper, a staple of the style, is included for easy on and off, while the block heel itself provides stability and style. The boots feature a square toe, adding in additional appeal that is versatile, working as part of an elevated look or a casual collection.

Accessorize Your Edgy Look With Ease, Adding in a Sonoma Goods For Life Sherpa Backpack

By using a simple backpack as an accessory in your edgy look, you can gain fashion and function all in one piece! This Sonoma Goods For Life Sherpa Backpack is a great choice for this, as it offers an on-trend look and plenty of features to make it usable each and every day.

Adjustable shoulder straps offer an ideal fit, while the bronze-tone plating found on the zippers and other accents add timeless appeal. The three interior pockets and one exterior pocket hold must-have items, like wallets, cell phones, a laptop, and more, so you’re ready for anything as you’re out and about.

Be Our Guest & Wear This Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Graphic Tee

Incorporating a graphic tee into an edgy outfit is always a good call. And t-shirts featuring movies, TV shows, and other pop culture entities are ideal in this instance. This Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Graphic Tee features a tale as old as time, meaning it will work in your edgy ensemble for years to come.

The ability for graphic tees like this one to be layered with other items, like zip-front hoodies, sweaters, and more means you can customize your style with ease. The soft construction ensures comfort and easy care, too.

Crank Your Edgy Look All the Way to 11 with a Pink Floyd Vintage Watercolor Graphic Tee

Another way to add that edge to your outfit with a graphic tee is by incorporating a rock and roll t-shirt to your look. This top offers supercool watercolor graphics that showcase the band’s prism logo.

Again, a tee is great for layering or wearing on its own with leggings, jeans, shorts, and basically any other style of bottoms you have in your wardrobe. A graphic tee also pairs well with footwear options that range from canvas sneakers to chunky boots, making it a versatile selection that brings harmony to your look.

Other areas of apparel to consider when crafting an edgy look include denim jackets, additional boot styles, and distressed jeans.

When it comes to building an edgy look, it all comes down to your own personal style. Using the guide here, you can get started on building your edgy ensemble, complete with women’s tops, jeans, accessories, and shoes. Complete the total edgy appeal with Sephora beauty essentials, as well.

Being edgy means taking chances, stepping out of your comfort zone, and breaking down boundaries of conventional style. Make an impression with an edgy look, and see where your new wardrobe can take you.