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    Algoma Hanging Soft Comfort Hammock Chair & Stand

  • sale $112.69
    Original $160.99

    Algoma 4-Point Hammock Lounge - Outdoor

  • sale $331.09
    Original $472.99

    Algoma 12-ft. Arc Stand and Caribbean Hammock - Outdoor

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    Algoma 11-ft. Single Rope Hammock

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    Algoma GO2 Traveler Nylon Hammock

  • sale $99.39
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    Algoma 13-ft. Quick-Dry Hammock with Bolster Pillow - Outdoor

  • sale $112.69
    Original $160.99

    Algoma 13-ft. Fabric Hammock - Outdoor

  • Reg. $25.99

    Stansport Bahamas Cotton Single Hammock

  • sale $25.00
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    Protocol Porta-Lounger Inflatable Lounger

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    Stansport Hammock Tree Straps (2 Pack)

  • sale $33.59
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    Algoma Deluxe Hammock Pillow - Outdoor

  • sale $206.99
    Reg. $229.99

    Classic Accessories Ravenna Quilted Double Hammock

  • sale $51.99
    Reg. $64.99

    Green/Teal Stripe Smart Living Brazilian Hammock

  • sale $43.99
    Reg. $54.99

    Two Tone Green Smart Living Nylon Hammock

  • sale $359.99
    Reg. $399.99

    Algoma Sunbrella Hanging Soft Comfort Hammock Chair & Stand

  • sale $224.99
    Reg. $249.99

    Algoma Sunbrella Soft Comfort Hanging Hammock Chair

  • sale $188.99
    Reg. $209.99

    Algoma Soft Comfort Hanging Hammock Chair

  • sale $51.99
    Reg. $64.99

    Smart Living Camping Hammock

  • sale $165.89
    Original $236.99

    Algoma Double Reversible Fabric Hammock - Outdoor

  • sale $349.99
    Original $499.99

    Algoma 12-ft. Russian Pine Arc Hammock Frame

  • sale $188.99
    Original $269.99

    Algoma Rope Hammock & Stand - Outdoor

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Outdoor Hammocks

When looking for some rest and relaxation in the great outdoors, why not try a comfortable hammock from Kohl’s? No matter if you’re looking for a way to kick back and relax for a while, or want the total outdoor experience of sleeping under the stars, a hammock can provide comfort and enjoyment during your next camping trip or other outdoor excursion.

Kohl’s offers all kinds of outdoor gear for those who thrive on hikes, backpacking trips, and other exterior endeavours. Find everything you need at Kohl’s, and get started on your next big adventure with all the essentials you need to make the most of it!

Choosing a Hammock for Your Outdoor Needs

Hammocks might appear to be simple in design, and they are to a point. You do, however, need to take several factors into consideration when choosing a hammock to add to you list of outdoor essentials.

  • Size

Choosing the right sized hammock is a must. Hammocks come in both single and double sizes, and the size options don’t necessarily mean you’ll be alone in the hammock or sharing it with someone else. Choosing a double over a single is a matter of how much room you need to be comfortable in it. So be sure to look at the dimensions of the hammock, and decide which option is best for you.

  • Durability

If you’re searching for a hammock that you want to take on camping trips or to remain in your backyard at all times, you’ll want one that is built to last and can endure Mother Nature. If you’re into backpacking and hauling all your gear around with you, you might be more inclined to look for a hammock that’s ultra lightweight. But a lighter load should not mean that you sacrifice durability. Ensure the hammock you pick fits your needs and will last for years to come.

  • Accessories

Simply picking a hammock is only part of the process. You many need to find the accompanying accessories to install the hammock, if they’re not included with the hammock itself. These accessories include things like straps, clips/carabiners, and more. Aside from installation items, you’re also likely to want accessories that make your time in the hammock more enjoyable - things like bug nets, tarps, and blankets.

Get ready to kick back and relax outside with your family, laying down in comfy hammocks from Kohl's! You'll be sure to enjoy the outdoors in one of the many outdoor hammocks we have to offer, with plenty of varieties to ensure you find just the one you're looking for! Get all the outdoor entertaining essentials you need for your home at Kohl's!