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    Wembley Inflatable Dart Ball

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    Franklin Sports Advanced Horseshoes Set

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    Flybar Green Pogo Trick Board

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    Franklin Sports Wooden Ring Toss Game

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    Coca Cola Lawn Bowling Game

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    Flybar iPogo Jr. Interactive Pogo Stick - Blue

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    Flybar iPogo Jr. Interactive Pogo Stick - Pink

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    Triumph Sports Wood Lawn 28 Piece Domino Set

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    Franklin Sports 3-pk. Disc Golf Discs

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    National Sporting Goods Swingball 5-in-1 Outdoor Game Set

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    National Sporting Goods Swingball Reflex Tennis

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    National Sporting Goods Swingball Tournament Tether Tennis

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    National Sporting Goods Swingball Early Fun Tether Tennis

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    National Sporting Goods Swingball Reflex Soccer

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    Wembley Basketball Ring Toss Pool Float Game

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Best Outdoor Yard Games to Play with Family in 2022

There’s nothing better than spending time with friends and family. If you’re looking to keep your little ones entertained or just a new activity for the great outdoors, shop Kohl’s to find outdoor games for you and your family! It might be nice to mix up your next outdoor gathering with an outdoor-appropriate game, especially when the weather is still nice enough to do so. Here are a few fun options to get you started!

Types of Games for the Great Outdoors

Instead of playing card or board games at the kitchen table, why not spend some time in the backyard or the local park? All of our outdoor games and activities can be played with 2 people or even an entire team. You’ll love to continue playing these games at children’s birthday parties, neighborhood cookouts, or just for everyday play!

  • Cornhole: Cornhole — also called bags, bag toss, corn toss, bean toss, bean bag, and more — is one of the most popular lawn games in America. This simple yet entertaining game played by 2 or 4 players consists of tossing a square beanbag into a small round hole. Players take turns trying to toss bean bags through the “cornhole” (for 3 points) or onto the board (for 1 point). The great thing about these foldable cornhole boards is that they’re portable, so it’s easy to transport it to the beach, yard, or park.
  • Bocce: Bocce is one of the oldest lawn games in the world. It was first brought to the U.S. by Italian immigrants and is to this day played competitively around the globe. This game involves getting your large ball closest to a smaller ball without another player knocking your ball out of the way. Our Bocce sets can be played on a variety of surfaces and it includes everything you need for your next outdoor event.
  • Horseshoe: Looking for a new way to test your ring-tossing skills? Add a new level of competition to your outdoor activities with a horseshoe set. The goal of this game is to hook U-shaped rings around a stake in the center of the playing surface. To keep track of points during team play, be sure to purchase sets with color-coded horseshoes.
  • Croquet: Croquet can be played by 2, 4, or 6 players. This game involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court. You win the game by hitting your balls through the course of 6 hoops and hitting the center peg. Our sets come with mallets, croquet balls, stakes, wickets, and a convenient carrying case.

Other Outdoor Essentials

With so many people staying home these days, you need a way to exercise at home and have fun while doing it. Your little ones will jump for joy when you bring home one of the many sporting goods like trampolines, skates, bikes, and scooters available at Kohl's! With plenty of products that get you and your family outside and enjoying the fresh air, we’re your destination for all things outdoors. From outdoor toys for the kids to grilling essentials, patio furniture, and more, we have everything you need for backyard fun!