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  • sale $299.99
    Reg. $399.99

    Crosley Furniture Palm Harbor Patio Wicker Float Caddy Storage Bin

  • Reg. $166.39

    Toomax Foreverspring 70 Gallon Outdoor Deck Storage Box Chest Bench, Dark Gray

  • sale $271.99
    Reg. $339.99

    Oakland Living Indoor / Outdoor 113 Gallon Wicker Storage Bin

  • Reg. $270.39

    Toomax Storer Plus XL 44 Cu Ft Weather Resistant Horizontal Storage Shed Cabinet

  • Reg. $228.79

    Toomax Foreverspring Deck Patio Garden Storage Box Chest Bench, 70 Gallon White

  • sale $135.99
    Original $159.99

    Cosco Outdoor Lockable Deliveries Outdoor Storage Box Decor

  • Reg. $327.59

    Toomax Santorini Plus Patio Deck Storage Box Bench, 145 Gallon (Anthracite)

  • Reg. $218.39

    Toomax Stora Way All-Weather Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed Cabinet, 30 cu ft

  • Reg. $327.59

    Toomax Santorini Plus Deck Outdoor Storage Chest Box Bench, 145 Gallon (Brown)

  • Reg. $270.39

    Toomax Stora Way All Weather Outdoor Storage Shed Cabinet, Taupe Grey/Anthracite

  • sale $327.99
    Reg. $409.99

    Crosley Furniture Palm Harbor Patio Wicker Storage Bin

  • Reg. $301.59

    Toomax StoraWay Plus XL 44 Cu Ft All Weather Storage Shed, Taupe Grey/Anthracite

  • Reg. $280.79

    Toomax Stora Way Outdoor Plastic 2 Door Top Lid Shed Cabinet, Taupe Grey Brown

  • Reg. $103.99

    Ram Quality Products Kid's Cottage Foldable Plastic Toddler Outdoor Playhouse

  • Reg. $291.19

    Toomax Stora Way All Weather Outdoor Storage Shed Cabinet, Taupe Grey/Brown

  • Reg. $488.79

    Toomax Lockable Outdoor Garden Plastic Vertical Storage Shed Cabinet, 76 cu ft.

  • Reg. $66.21

    Harvest Lane Honey WWBCM-102 White Medium Honey Box

  • Reg. $50.20

    Harvest Lane Honey HONEYBCKT-102 5 Gallon Honey Bucket

  • Reg. $327.59

    Toomax Florida Deck Storage Chest Box for Outdoor Furniture, 145 Gallon (Brown)

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Storage Sheds

Keep all your outdoor tools and essentials organized and protected with a storage shed from Kohl’s! Storage sheds conveniently fit into your outdoor space, giving you storage options right in the places you need them the most.

Shop Kohl’s for all your home needs, from furniture to decor and so much more! All the items you need can be found in our assortment, so you can feel confident that we have everything you need to keep your home looking and feeling welcoming!

How to Choose the Perfect Storage Shed

Storage sheds come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and construction types, so the options and combinations are seemingly endless. Here is some information that might help you narrow down your search, getting you closer to just the shed you need!

  • Materials

Storage sheds are available in a wide variety of materials, each offering different benefits and some potential drawbacks.

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials for outdoor storage containers, due to the fact that it does not rust, is easy to clean, and won’t promote mold growth or rotting. Plastic sheds also are fairly lightweight, and are easy to assemble.

Sheds are also available in steel and wood, with steel sheds offering unmatched durability, and wood shed options looking great in your yard.

  • Size

Sheds are available in many different sizes as well, so you’ll want to know exactly what size option will hold all your outdoor tools and essentials.

At Kohl’s, you can find bins and boxes that offer anywhere from 18 to 129 gallons of storage. These sized bins are ideal for holding outdoor seat cushions, hoses, and other items that you use on a daily basis, but like to keep out of sight when not in use.

Larger sheds are also available, which offer plenty of storage for bigger outdoor tools. With a larger shed, you can store your lawnmower, rakes, shovels, and pots for plants.

Other Storage Shed Considerations

Once you pick out the right storage option for your yard, there are some other things to consider in terms of additions, assembly, and more.
There are various add-ons and accessories for different shed types. Things like shelves and ramps can be added to your storage unit, offering easy access and organization.

Some storage bins can double as benches, so you can seamlessly add these into your patio or other entertainment space, creating additional seating options for friends and family.

With outdoor storage options from Kohl’s, you can keep your space organized, while ensuring must-have tools and items are kept out of the harsh elements. And be sure to find other outdoor entertainment essentials at Kohl’s, too, like grills, patio furniture, outdoor lighting, and so much more!