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  • Reg. $50.00

    Travelon Classic Convertible Crossbody Bag & Waist Pack

  • $48.00 - $60.00
    Reg. $58.00 - $60.00

    Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag (42457)

  • Reg. $51.99

    Solo Conquer 15.6-in. Expandable Laptop Messenger Bag

  • sale $89.99
    Reg. $179.99

    Samsonite Messenger Bag

  • sale $47.50
    Reg. $95.00

    Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Messenger Bag

  • sale $97.96
    Reg. $139.95

    Lands' End Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

  • sale $101.25
    Reg. $135.00

    AmeriLeather Front Flap Leather Messenger Bag

  • sale $164.25
    Reg. $219.00

    AmeriLeather Teddy Leather Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $350.00

    Royce Leather Nylon Laptop Messenger Bag

  • sale $38.46
    Reg. $54.95

    Lands' End Everyday Messenger Bag

  • sale $171.00
    Reg. $228.00

    AmeriLeather Legacy Woody Leather Portfolio Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    Clemson Tigers Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    LSU Tigers Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    Auburn Tigers Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    Florida Gators Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    North Carolina Tar Heels Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $29.99

    New Era Inter Miami CF Cross Body Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    Tennessee Volunteers Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $60.00

    Michigan Wolverines Bloom Messenger Bag

  • Reg. $29.99

    New Era LAFC Cross Body Bag

  • Reg. $13.00

    Chicago Blackhawks Clear Messenger Basic Tote Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Los Angeles Clippers Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Tampa Bay Lightning Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Chicago Blackhawks Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Anaheim Ducks Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    LSU Tigers Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Oregon Ducks Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Los Angeles Lakers Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Miami Heat Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

  • Reg. $225.00

    Chicago Bulls Prospect Weekender Travel Bag

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For Men on the Go

Packing All You Need

Messenger bags are a sensible blend of backpacks and satchels. They can carry as much if not more than a backpack but are far more stylish in some cases. Backpacks serve a lot of utility, but messenger bags are perfect for professionals on the go. Often made with leather or canvas, these bags tend to radiate class and style.

Messenger Bag Style

If you're concerned about how you should wear your messenger bag, it's a pretty easy thing to master. Messenger bags tend to be a little more upscale in style compared to backpacks. If you're more of a business casual dresser, you'll want to secure a leather messenger bag. The leather finish will look great against a blazer, button up, and khakis. Likewise, if you're more of a sweater vest and jeans guy, the leather bag will make your outfit feel a little more classy.

When wearing sportier gear, or casual street clothes, a canvas styled messenger bag is in order. While the leather will look higher quality, you'll likely be bringing the bag to more places that could prove dangerous to it. Imagine biking with a leather messenger bag strapped to your back. A leather bag can certainly take a beating, but they're harder to clean. So if you're on the go a lot, consider going with a canvas bag for easy cleaning.

Other Bags and Accessories


When you travel, hand me down bags aren't an option. And sometimes, stuffing little bags full of your clothing and items can be unfruitful. When it comes down to it, you owe it to yourself to get great luggage. Kohl's offers a staggering number of luggage options and accessories for every traveler. Find something that fits your style, or you travel carrying capacity so that you can travel with ease for years to come.

Duffel bags

Luggage and suitcases might be a bit much to manager sometimes, and if you're heading to the gym or taking a short trip you shouldn't overlook a duffel bag. These bags can hold a fair number of items comfortably, and if they're made of the right materials they can stand up to a lot of pressure. You can choose to represent your favorite brands and choose the style that fits you best.


For short treks across town and going to and from class, you'll certainly want a backpack to keep your stuff safe. Kohl's offers a great selection of men's backpacks to fit different styles and needs. From just books, to a high capacity backpack that can fit your laptop, you can find the perfect bag for you. There are many stylish designs, and opportunities for you to show off your favorite athletic brands.


Watches are an overlooked accessory. While more common in men's fashion, many look at watches as unnecessary given the prevalence of smartphones. But this is completely untrue and offer a huge opportunity: pairing a classy watch with your classy messenger bag, the right shoes, pants, and shirt, should make you look confident and professional with a touch of intrigue. Watches should not be passed on if you're looking for a simple way to renew your outfit rotation.

Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

Being on the go means that you're likely to make a stop for some coffee, or water throughout the day. Take back your time with a water bottle or insulated travel container. You can save tons of time and money over the course of a week if you brew your coffee at home, or have a refillable water bottle. No more getting to work from your usual coffee or tea stop and having it be cold. Level up your commute with some on-the-go products!