Timberland PRO Boots

You'll complete any job in comfort, and will be sure to keep yourself safe, with Men's Timberland PRO Boots from Kohl's! When you need a new comfortable, yet durable option to enhance your on-the-job look, shop our selection of Timberland Boots for Men and find footwear that will provide all the features you need to succeed. Get all the men's work gear you're looking for at Kohl's!

Types of Men's Timberland PRO Boots

Kohl's has a wide variety of men's work apparel options to choose from, with many different styles available.

For example, men's Timberland PRO steel-toe boots add an extra layer of security and safety when on the job site. The reinforced steel toe keeps your feet safe from heavy falling items and other potential dangers when hard at work.

Men's Timberland PRO waterproof boots are also a popular pick, as they keep your feet dry and comfortable in harsh conditions. Rain, snow, and other precipitation are no match for waterproof Timberland PRO boots.

Other features that Timberland PRO boots offer include non-slip soles for added traction, giving you unprecedented control and durability that lasts all day. Features like this ensure your safety at work and have you primed and ready to succeed at your everyday tasks.

Men's Timberland Apparel

With a brand new pair of men's Timberland boots ready to take on the workday, you're sure to want to find other workwear that will serve you well during the day. Men's Timberland apparel offers comfort and durability that's sure to last, providing years of wear in any conditions.

With tops like hoodies, flannels, and tees, your upper body is sure to be covered in comfort no matter what the situation calls for.

There are also several outerwear options for even more warmth and protection when the weather turns extra nasty. Plus, plenty of pockets store all your essentials and provide added warmth for your hands.

Other Men's Workwear Essentials

Kohl's also offers plenty of must-haves for workers in a wide variety of industries. Men's workwear provides all the safety features you demand, along with style and comfort you desire.

Clothing items for workers in healthcare, construction, food preparation, and more are available. These clothes offer functions that include high visibility, flame-resistant fabrics, and tactical benefits.

Within each area, there are many different types of clothing options - from bibs and overalls to jackets, hats, and more. And be sure to check out all the different brands we offer, like Wolverine, Dickies, Red Kap, and more. With all these options, you're guaranteed to find just the workwear you need to get the job done.