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Kohl's Cares


Your community
is our community.

Rewarding the Everyday
through the health and
well-being of families
and communities.

Rewarding the
the health and
well-being of
families and


Committed to healthy families.

We’re supporting health and wellness initiatives that help families and communities thrive. From helping kids stay healthy to making sure families have clean spaces to play, we’re working to make every day more rewarding.

Kohl's Cares

We reward the everyday by dedicating 100% of the net profit from the sale of Kohl’s Cares merchandise to support the health and well-being of families in our communities. Because of your continued support, we've raised nearly $360 million nationwide and helped countless kids and families. And there's nothing more rewarding than that.

We’re better together.

This just in! We’re proud to announce we’re partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Alliance for a Healthier Generation. By working together with national organizations that support the physical, social and mental well‐being of families, we are able to make a bigger impact on the communities we serve.

Partnering with hospitals.

We’re helping to support programs focused on healthy development, safety, healthy lifestyles, mental health and chronic disease management. Discover how your Kohl’s Cares purchase is helping hospitals make an impact in your state.

Doing our part
adds up.

Through Kohl's volunteer program, we foster a culture of giving and encourage associates nationwide to contribute their time and talent to local eligible nonprofit organizations. With every qualifying event, Kohl’s provides a monetary reward to the benefiting organization in support of these volunteer efforts.

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We're here when you need us most.

In the event of a natural disaster, we're here to provide help and to support relief efforts so that families stay safe, healthy, and hopeful.

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Sustainable solutions for a healthy future.

Healthy communities start with a healthy environment. We believe incorporating sustainable solutions in the way we do business will help to build better futures for families.

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216 electric vehicle charging spots spread across 96 locations.

Our bags contain 30‐50% recycled, unbleached plastic.


Making a difference. Every. Single. Day.

Working at Kohl’s is just as rewarding as shopping here. Our best-in-class associates are our greatest assets and we’re dedicated to making your life more rewarding. Every. Single. Day.

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Our partners reflect our values.

We work with global and local partners who share our commitment to healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy planet. From factories that ensure the ethical treatment of workers to organizations that champion healthy lifestyles, our partners share the values we live every day.

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Making a healthy lifestyle more rewarding.

We’re committed to healthy families and communities, and look for partnerships, like Weight Watchers, that can help further our goals by integrating health and wellness into everyday life.

Weight watchers and Kohls

Support Social Impact initiatives at Kohl’s!

Kohl’s Cares is committed to giving back to local communities and supporting the causes that matter to you and your neighbors. Browse Kohl’s selection of charitable Kohl’s Cares toys or books today and help give back—100% of Kohl's net profit from the sale of these items is given to support happier and healthier communities. Because of purchases like this, nearly $360 million has been raised nationwide. Together we can do more for families. Kohl’s children’s hospital partnerships are designed to help educate kids and families about healthy development, safety, wellness, childhood obesity and chronic disease management. Explore the Kohl’s Cares Volunteer program to see how Kohl’s sales associates are giving back to their communities across the country, providing support and monetary rewards for local causes and eligible nonprofits.

We’re dedicated to protecting the environment by taking steps toward long-term sustainability. Kohl’s is powered by our associates, our greatest asset. Fostering a best-in-class workplace is important to us: Kohl’s works to build great teams that value communication and diversity. We believe in partnering with good brands, vendors and organizations that share our values.