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Chains Product Guide


Chain Types

box chain

A box chain is formed by the continuous linking of interconnected six-sided, three-dimensional miniature boxes.

curb chain

A curb chain's links interlock with each other when laid flat.

figaro chain

In a figaro chain, a number of standard links (usually three) precede an elongated link all the way through the chain.

herringbone chain

A herringbone chain features rows of short, diagonal parallel lines. It is designed to lie flat, so charms and pendants should not be hung from it.

omega chain

An omega chain features evenly spaced rectangular links.

rolo chain

Composed of round or oval symmetrical links, a rolo chain is perfect for hanging charms.

rope chain

A rope chain is composed of oval links designed to appear as if two strands are twisted together.

snake chain

A snake chain is a very tightly linked chain that resembles snakeskin.

wheat chain

A wheat chain is created by braiding four strands of oval and twisted-oval links; it resembles an ear of wheat.

Chain Lengths

chain lengths

Measurements are approximate and will vary based on neck size and weight/style of product.

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