Handbags Product Guide

Wondering what handbags are in this season or what the difference is between a hobo bag and a satchel? Kohl's can help you! We provide helpful background information on many of the products we sell, including handbags. Find out about different styles of handbags and see what shapes and embellishments are trending.

Learn how to store your purses so that they won't come out of the closet misshapen next year. Get tips on cleaning handbags and taking care of leather clutches and wallets. Find new ways to organize your purse so you aren't digging for ages to find things. Kohl’s identifies the handbag trends and allows you to see what types of handbags, totes and purses will suit each outfit in your wardrobe. Find which handbags suit special occasions and find a that will look at home in the boardroom as well as on your commute. Find which handbags suit special occasions and discover the perfect messenger bag to accommodate your look whether at work or on the go.

Get the most out of your handbag purchases, now and over time. Take a moment to learn which handbag shapes will likely stay in style the longest and how to care for and store them for years to come.