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Kitchen Knife Guide


Cutlery Product Guide

Get the right tools for the job with our cutlery guide. Kohl's can help you choose the right knife for certain tasks. Using the right blade will help save your knives from undue wear and tear and will get your kitchen tasks done faster. Take a moment to learn about carving knives, paring knives, bread knives and more so that your time spent prepping meals and serving them is easier and faster.

Boning and filet knives are used for just that – deboning meat and filleting fish. These knives have good control and can be easily manipulated around delicate pieces of meat in order to be as precise as possible. Carving knives are large but thin and used to slice thin cuts of meat off the whole roast, turkey, ham or other large servings.

A chef's knife is a perfect, all-purpose knife meant to slice and chop by rocking on its curved edge for a more precise cut. Paring knives tend to be on the smaller side and are great for peeling or other intricate tasks. Peeling knives, cheese knives and other specialty knives can all help you out with specific tasks around the kitchen or when you're serving meals.

Take a look at the knives available at Kohl's as well as cutting boards, knife sharpeners and knife blocks. We can help you choose the right knife for your own kitchen or as a gift for the cook in your life.