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Living Room Organization

Living Room Organization

Keeping things neat and tidy in your home is a great way to ensure you feel love for the space you live in. Of course, staying organized and mess-free is not always as easy as it seems. Life gets hectic, and things start to pile up bit by bit.

Luckily, you can find lots of organization and storage essentials at Kohl’s that will help make keeping your home in tip-top shape a breeze. With storage options that fit into any size space, any budget, and any décor theme, the organization essentials at Kohl’s is sure to have what you need to keep your home looking its best.

Ideas for Creating an Organized Living Room

While it might be a bit overwhelming to start a path to organizing your living room, there are a few essential items and ideas that you should consider for your space to help you get on track with ease.

Reduce, Remove, Restore

  • Take a look around your living room and remove any items that don’t belong there.
  • If there are items that belong in another place, return them to where they belong.
  • If there are items that can simply be thrown away, do so.
  • After removing the out-of-place items, make sure that items that do belong in the living room are in their proper place.

Get in the “Zone”

  • Create zones for your things.
  • If you come across something that is a living room item, but doesn’t have a designated space, create one.
  • Consider things that are used often, but get moved around a lot, like remote controls, coasters, etc.
  • Take those items and give them a home zone like the coffee table and keep that in mind when you see the items away from that space.
  • When they are out of the designated zone, move them back to keep them in their spot!

Put on a Good Face

  • Now you can straighten up and “face” your items in the living room.
  • Once the living room is free of foreign items and zones are set up, take another pass to ensure all living room décor like pillows, accents and picture frames are all facing in a position that looks good and is not askew.
  • Positioning items in a way that is pleasing will help your room feel better right away.

Living Room Organizational Items

Now that your space is spruced up and has only items in it that need to be there, you can start to add organizational items like bins and shelves where you need them. Canvas or wicker baskets are a classic and stylish way to organize your living room items, giving them a zone or space of their own that’s also able to keep items out of sight. These baskets can live on existing furniture and shelving units you already have at home.

Storage Furniture Ideas

If you need a new piece of furniture to add to your living space, Kohl’s offers those as well. You can find stationary units, rolling storage bins with multiple tiers, magazine racks, coffee tables and much more.

Instead of looking for any coffee table option when you’re decorating your living room, find one that provides storage within it.

Coffee tables might have drawers that are great for holding remotes or magazines, open space under the table surface that can store your wicker or canvas baskets, and even secret compartments that add interest, as well as storage.

If you live in an apartment or smaller home, consider a coffee table with a lift-top. Lift-top coffee tables provide hidden storage and offer a tray table surface that can come in handy when reading, using a laptop to get some work done or as a snack surface as you binge-watch your favorite show.

Ottomans are not just a piece of furniture that you can use as a footrest or an extra seat.

Look for storage ottomans that feature concealed compartments for extra storage space. Hidden storage is great for keeping pillows and blankets close by but not taking up space and cluttering your living room.

You can also use this space as a catch-all for throwing in random clutter when you need to quickly organize your space when preparing for guests.

In other words, storage ottomans are a versatile addition into any living room!

Most living rooms feature a TV and offer a space where friends and family can gather around the screen to watch a big game, a streaming movie or other entertainment program.

To house all the essentials needed for your TV or movie viewing, you’ll want to incorporate a TV stand or entertainment center into your space. These storage units are must-haves for holding Blu-ray discs and players, video game consoles, books, remote controls and more.

Consider using reclaimed furniture to act as a TV stand or entertainment center for added charm, like a vintage dresser. These items will offer the storage you demand and add unique personality to your space.

Another way to enhance the storage in your living space is by adding end tables that offer space for essential items. End tables function great as smaller surfaces that are ideal for holding lamps, remotes, magazines and more.

Choosing an end table with drawers adds to the functionality of the piece as drawers act as hidden storage compartments and keep the end table surfaces free of clutter.

Consider nested end tables that stack with ease to replace coffee tables in smaller spaces. These end tables take up less room and can easily be stacked and stored away when more room is needed.

Need storage that can move around the room and be used wherever you need it? Try a bar cart! Although it’s designed as a way to store beverages and drink-making tools, it doesn’t have to be used that way.

Consider using the cart as a moveable bookshelf, a versatile end table, or a catch-all storage option for décor and items that enhance the look of your room.

You can always use it as it was intended, to create a mobile home bar, too!

Storage Shelving for the Living Room

Another way to organize is to hang storage shelves on the wall or from the ceiling. Floating shelves and ceiling-suspended storage are versatile options that allow you to use space that would otherwise be wasted, like between the top of a bookcase and the ceiling itself. This is especially helpful if you live in a small home or an apartment.

Shelves come in a variety of styles to fit any space and décor. Floating shelves also allow for customization; they can be placed anywhere in your room and take up minimal space in your home. There are also shelving units like bookshelves, bathroom shelves, cubbies and storage cubes.

Let’s now look at how to add a floating shelf to your space.

How to Hang Shelves

  • First, gather your tools and materials. This includes the shelves themselves, brackets, levels, a pencil, a tape measure, a level, a stud finder, screws, drywall anchors, a screwdriver, a drill and a hammer.
  • Determine placement. Consider the weight of the shelf and the weight of each item you intend to place on top. For heavier items, you can use a stud finder to see if there’s a stud in the area. If there are no studs available, use drywall anchors.
  • Have someone help you hold the shelf against the wall and use a level to make sure it’s placed in a straight line.
  • Mark the wall with a pencil on both ends.
  • Position brackets against the wall along the bottom of the shelf.
  • Mark inside the holes so you know where to insert the screws.
  • Remove the shelf and the brackets from the wall, double-checking your marks to ensure accuracy.
  • Use a screwdriver or a drill on the lowest setting to drill starter holes with the screws into the bracket markings. Do not insert the screws all the way in.
  • Remove the screws and put the first bracket into place. If the shelf is heavy and you did not find a stud, install a drywall anchor.
  • Insert the screws into the brackets and tighten until secure. Do not overtighten them. Repeat with any additional brackets.
  • Place the shelf onto the brackets, ensuring the shelf is centered.

You’re all set! Start placing décor, photos and other items on your shelf with your own style and personality to your living room.

Shop Kohl’s for home essentials that keep your space organized and efficient. Whether you’re in need of a total refresh, a simple upgrade or are just starting out in your new place, Kohl’s offers living room storage options for any renter or homeowner.