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Essential Shoe Storage Ideas & Tips

Essential Shoe Storage Ideas & Tips

No matter how many shoes you have in your footwear collection, it can be a challenge to keep them all organized and stored in a way that keeps them accessible and convenient. As you go through your normal springtime routine of cleaning and organizing your home, include shoe collection organization in that list of to-dos. If you need helpful tools and ways of organizing your shoes, search Kohl’s and find bins, racks and shelves that keep your kicks all in one convenient place.

Also shop Kohl’s for all your home cleaning and organizing needs. With furniture like bookcases and dressers, as well as bins and baskets of all shapes and sizes, our assortment of storage essentials provides products that keep your home in tip-top shape! You can also find items like vacuums and other cleaning supplies to make your space shine.

How Do You Store Shoes Properly?

Knowing how to organize and store your shoe collection will not only help you save on space, it will also help you keep your shoes looking great and ready for any occasion. Properly storing your shoes depends on the type of shoe you’re looking to organize, so let’s consider several styles and see how best to keep them housed.


Sneakers are a type of shoe that has a pretty wide range of styles. There are active sneakers, casual sneakers and lots more.

To store sneakers, it’s best to store them in dry, temperature-regulated areas that receive little to no direct sunlight. It’s also a good idea to keep sneakers in plastic bins to keep additional moisture out.

To ensure your shoes last even longer, make sure to regularly clean them with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and a soft brush or cloth. Allow them to dry fully before storing.


For the most part, sandals are a seasonal shoe option. This means that you’ll need to keep your sandals readily available during warmer months, and ensure they are properly stored during colder months.

A great option for keeping your sandals ready and stored in an organized way is to incorporate an over-the-door caddy. Since sandals are relatively lightweight, they can be stored in a caddy like this, as it won’t put any strain on your door. Plus, this makes the sandals easily available to simply grab and coordinate with your outfit as you get dressed to start the day.


Boots offer different challenges when it comes to storage. They are typically bulky, taking up a lot of space. So it might take some creativity to keep boots stored in a way that does not cause clutter.

One idea is to use hangers to keep boots organized and off the ground. There are specific boot hangers that allow you to store your footwear securely and on the rod in a closet. You can also improvise, using pants hangers. If you do use pants hangers, you may want to put a washcloth or some other fabric between the boot and the hanger clips to prevent any unwanted indentations from forming.


Dressy high heels require proper organization to ensure they look great for your next work meeting or formal event.

It’s very easy to simply kick off your heels immediately after you get home after wearing them all day. Doing this, however, means you’ll have clutter strewn about. Not only that, but just tossing heels off to the side leads them open to damage.

This means you’ll want to keep your heels off the ground and in a protected organizational unit. Choose shelving with flat bottoms. A wire rack is not advised for heels, as the shoes can get stuck between the metal wiring. If all you have is a wire rack, store your heels in shoe boxes or in plastic containers.

Shoe Storage in a Small Space

Now that you’re equipped with ways to store a variety of shoes, consider the space you have to store them in. One tricky scenario for any kind of storage is when you’re working with a small space, like in a smaller home or an apartment. Having limited real estate to store your items means more creativity and outside-the-box thinking is required.

One way to store your shoes in a small space is to think vertically. This means using something like a taller bookshelf or shoe-specific drawer or shelf unit that extends upward. In small spaces, you need to take advantage of all the open areas you have, and space up toward the ceiling tends to be underutilized on many occasions.

Another furniture option for a small space that is great for shoes is a storage ottoman. This is an ideal storage unit due to the fact that it offers multiple functions. It can hold items, like pairs of shoes, and also operates as a seating option, a footrest and an interior design piece.

In your closets, consider using hanging shoe shelves. These storage items, typically made of fabric, look to using vertical space to organize your footwear. Each shelf holds a pair of shoes, and neatly puts them right next to the rest of your wardrobe.

Other areas of your small space to look at for shoe storage include under your bed, in baskets or crates in unused spots, beneath other furniture like benches or couches, and on stackable shelves that fit easily into corners.

Protecting Your Shoes While in Storage

Before you place your shoes into storage, you want to be sure to take care of them. By doing so, you extend the life of your footwear and keep them from getting damaged. Here are some general steps you can take to keep your shoes looking their best during any long-term storage.

Clean Your Shoes

Cleaning your shoes is the first and most important step in storing footwear long term. Removing debris, dirt and other residue from your shoes will prevent your shoes from being damaged or affected by mold or other unwanted conditions. You can simply use a damp cloth or a soft brush to remove dirt. If you do use water when cleaning your shoes, be sure to allow them to fully dry before storing.

Consider Using a Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is a dual-purpose item that can store your shoes with ease. First, a shoe tree absorbs moisture. Excess moisture can impact the look and feel of leather shoes over time.

Extra moisture can cause unwanted odors, and can also lead to dry rot. Dry rotting occurs when the natural moisture of the leather evaporates, and the material begins to crack. A shoe tree removes the moisture from the inside of the shoe, and allows the exterior leather material to keep its natural moisture levels.

Store Shoes in a Climate-Controlled Area

Another way to ensure your shoes don’t get damaged due to moisture is by keeping them in a climate-controlled area. By doing so, you prevent your shoes from being impacted by heat damage, a variety of pest problems, and from the formation of mold and mildew.

Heat will cause shoes to become brittle. Pests can chew through shoe material, completely ruining your shoes. Mold and mildew can damage shoes and impact their structure, not to mention cause musty odors and even potential health problems if spores are inhaled.

Other Shoe Storage Tips

There are lots of other general shoe storage tips you can consider incorporating into your long-term footwear plan.

Dust is a concern when thinking about keeping items in your home clean. It gets on everything, and seems to appear no matter how many times you clean!

Most of the dirt in your home is brought in by your shoes. That’s why it’s so important to wipe your feet before entering. As for keeping dirt off your shoes when stored, be sure to place them in a bin, rack or other compartment, which will help alleviate the amount of dirt that accumulates on your shoes.

Shoe racks are angled in most cases. This is due to the fact that shoe rack shelves are typically adjustable. By featuring an angled shelf, the rack can hold all kinds of footwear with ease. This means that everything from low-profile sandals to tall fashion boots can be stored on one. The sloped shelves also display your shoes neatly and clearly. This allows you to pick out the pair you want to wear in no time.

When searching for ways to organize and store your shoes, shop Kohl’s and find all the options you need for your home. Our entire collection of shoe storage options gives you plenty of ideas on how to properly store your footwear. Look for bins, crates, baskets, racks and more, each with their own long-term storage benefits. With your footwear kept in a proper storage solution, your shoes will look great for many years to come.