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How to Decorate Your Walls

How to Decorate Blank Walls in Any Room

Are you looking for wall decor ideas to refresh your space? Bare walls are the perfect canvases for wall decor, and there’s no better time than now to embrace the creative freedom that a blank wall offers. From matching wall art sets and large poster-size frames to eclectic and vibrant canvas paintings, our assortment has everything you need to create gallery wall styles to suit your taste.

Whether you’re looking for nature art or abstract art, you’ll find styles that can easily fit into your home’s ambiance and bring out the most of its decorative elements.

Wall Art Decor Themes & Trends

The selection of wall art at Kohl’s offers options that fit into all the current trends in home decor. You can find art that easily coordinates with coastal decor, mid-century modern styles, farmhouse chic-inspired areas, and so much more.

For those who want coastal and nautical wall art, you can find nautical-themed displays of beach sunsets and ocean views. These pieces really tie into the seaside style that’s perfect for a beach house or any home that simply can’t resist the ocean!

Landscape art is ideal for those mid-century modern spaces known for their clean lines and minimalist approach. Scenes that show major cities like New York and Paris are essential for this theme and several options provide the name of the city right on the art for added appeal.

Do you love animals? Animal art is a great way to add a touch of personality to your walls. We’ve got tons of adorable friends for your walls—dogs, deer, birds, bears, roosters and so many more!

Tips for Decorating Walls in Various Rooms

Bedroom Walls

Decorating your walls is an essential step of the interior design process, but it feels especially important in the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary—a restful, cozy space where you fall asleep after a long day and wake up feeling refreshed for the next one.

Are you a fan of sports? Consider incorporating sports wall decor into your bedroom theme. You can line your walls with art showing off your favorite teams. And if you still have items from when you played sports like an old glove or racket, you can place these items on a shelf or hang them on your walls. Alternatively, you can opt for a relaxing environment with coastal wall decors like seashell mirrors and nautical art prints.

Bathroom Walls

The bathroom—regardless of its size—is a great place that can benefit from simple decor upgrades. The good news is that there are tons of ways to add some contemporary style or modern updates to your walls that are easy and time-efficient.

Beachy or water-friendly motifs are a classically popular choice when it comes to bathroom themes. You can keep it simple with a piece of blue art or go all the way with coastal wallpaper. Another way to add some serious style to a bathroom is to add decorative mirrors to the space. You can include decorative mirrors of various shapes and sizes to really brighten up the room.

Living Room Walls

It’s no surprise that the living room is one of the most common design dilemmas that homeowners have. This doesn’t mean you need to fill every inch, but it will help to create an enticing and cohesive look with a few pieces.

Rather than hanging a framed painting or photograph, you can secure a rug to the wall. It’s a great way to bring soft texture and give new meaning to old pieces. Alternatively, a curated wall gallery can work in any size living room. This is especially a great choice if you have a set or collection of art pieces you’ve been meaning to hang.

Kitchen Walls

You’ve probably decorated every room in your house beautifully, but did you forget about the kitchen? Kitchens are often our most-used gathering spaces. From our first sips of coffee in the morning to sharing a meal in the evening, the kitchen is probably the liveliest room in your house. The good news is that you have endless options for decorating blank walls in a bare kitchen. Whether you have an airy and minimal space or a rustic and cozy space to work with, Kohl’s has wall decorations for kitchens to fit the bill.

Food and drink wall art is a classic choice when it comes to decorating your kitchen walls. Look for kitchen art featuring wine, olive oil, rustic farm animals, produce or fresh herbs like basil and rosemary. Another decorative option is inspirational wall decor featuring inspirational phrases about love, family and friendship. This is a great way to spruce up your kitchen and will leave you feeling more motivated and optimistic every time you look at them.

Ways to Decorate Large Walls

When decorating a large wall, it may help to maximize the impact of your artwork in the space by anchoring the piece to a central spot on the wall. Opting for just one large piece of artwork allows it to shine and embrace any potential negative space. There are a variety of places where you can hang it, including above a sofa or in between two accent pieces. Consider hanging it at eye level to naturally and effortlessly draw the attention of everyone who looks at it. 

This may seem a bit unconventional, but small rugs (especially some that are vintage and maybe too delicate for floors) are a phenomenal way to bring a large-scale focal point to a room. A good rug is an ideal way to add texture, warmth and pops of color. Forgoing the floor and hanging a stylish textile right on your wall will make any space feel decidedly design-minded.

You can also achieve this same great look with triptych wall art. Triptych art is a collection of art that is divided into three sections. There are no set-in-stone guidelines when it comes to what a triptych display looks like or must show, or how it is constructed.

One way to showcase triptych art is by showing three mounted pieces of art in a frame, displayed very close to each other. The triptych art available at Kohl’s is a collection of three pictures that either feature a singular image or a set of three images that are closely related.

Aside from what the art looks like, a three-piece set of art allows you to cover a fairly large space on your wall with decorative accents. Triptych wall art also captures a viewer’s eye quite easily, guiding the viewer’s vision across the entire piece and capturing their attention.

Ways to Decorate Small Walls

If you’re trying to avoid dropping a lot of money on a huge art piece, you can create a wall of art that can serve as one big piece for a fraction of the cost by hanging a gallery wall. Available in a vertical or horizontal display, our wall picture frames will warm your walls with the glow of loved ones, friends and more. Simply use the handy hooks attached to the rear of our wall picture frames and continue the time-honored tradition of displaying graduations, vacation highlights or any other unforgettable memories upon your wall.

In the event that you don’t want to hang pictures on the wall, consider floating wall shelves instead. Shelves are great for putting the spotlight on photos, small plants, vases and other objects. Exposed shelves on their own would be a gorgeous update, but take it a step further by pairing them with a floating console to create a focal point. Just remember that less is more when it comes to styling; you want the shelves to appear curated, not cluttered.

Whether you want to visually expand the look of your bedroom, living room, or dining room wall, using reflections can beautifully open up any room. And you don’t have to confine your choices to only rectangle mirrors and round mirrors. Opt for bold shapes and colors that add visual interest.

Wall Art Materials

You can curate your very own gallery effortlessly by searching for wall art based on the type of material that you want. Discover a wide array of looks and materials to match the ambiance of your living room, complement your multipurpose basement decor or even add a warm, whimsical touch to your bedroom. Here are a few options to get you started:

Decorating With Wood Wall Art

Wood has such an irresistible aesthetic to it. It can be used to relax just about any decor style and gives furniture a hefty, natural look. When used in art, wood gives the piece a unique texture that can accentuate your room’s relaxed vibe.

Part of decorating the space is figuring out how to make the elements fit together. Perhaps hanging several small pieces in proximity to each other will create a cool collage effect. Depending on the style you’ve chosen for your space, your wood wall art could blend in well with the rest of the room, helping guide the eye to whatever the focal point is. But you can also use other textures, like metal or canvas, to really make the wood aspects stand out.

Many of the pieces you’ll find at Kohl’s feature artistic typography and positive messages. If you’re looking to create a happy and positive vibe, then you’re in good hands. Besides the typographic art with wood detailing, you can also find some larger pieces that capture the serenity of the outdoors. These can be easily used as statement pieces to build the rest of your decor around. While it will be striking at first, if paired with other natural colors and wooden decor you can create a cohesive look that can’t be beaten.

Decorating With Metal Wall Art

Conversely, metal art is great as a statement piece to help tie a room together. Metal wall accents add texture and dimension to any space. It has a physicality, an intense amount of texture, and even colors that pop in a way that other materials don’t. Metal art fits very well into rustic spaces, more industrial or utilitarian decor, and even some modern layouts that blend different styles together.

Consider your wall’s size and shape. If it’s too big, it could prove a distraction from the rest of your space. On the other hand, if it’s too small it may not have much of an effect at all. However, size isn’t all that matters, but also placement. Let’s say you have an accent wall, and you have a small piece to hang. Placing it on the accent wall (assuming the colors work) could be a wonderfully stark idea. Also, consider the number of items you want, and the number you already have.

Decorating With Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art has the old-fashioned look of an oil painting. However, it’s typically less expensive compared to traditional framing and more photo mounting. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also easy to hang. There are a few general guidelines for hanging canvas wall art in the rooms of your home. These rules can help the art pieces really stand out and keep your room in proportion with other items in it.

When placing art on an empty wall, any new canvas wall art should take about 60% to 75% of the available space. If the art will be placed above a piece of furniture, like a couch or sofa, the art should be around 2/3 to 3/4 of the furniture’s total width.

You’ll also want to take into consideration how tall your ceilings are, as the height at which you hang the art will be determined by this measurement. One tip is to divide your wall into four equal sections from the floor to the ceiling and place any art options in that third section. This will mean the art is placed above furniture, well below the ceiling, and right at eye level.

No matter what style or trend you adhere to, we’re your destination for wall art of any kind. Come to Kohl’s for wall decor and wall art, including photography, wall signs, decorative clocks and mirrors. With a variety of elegant designs to choose from, you’re sure to find that ideal decor piece that puts the finishing touches on your cozy and welcoming living space!