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How to Decorate Your Deck or Patio

Decorating Ideas for Decks & Patios

If you’ve been picturing your patio or deck with a brand-new look and functionality, there’s no time like the present to upgrade your outdoor space. Decks and patios are great extensions to any home. They create an entertaining area for backyard barbecues and a relaxing place to drink coffee while enjoying the fresh air.

Trends we’re currently loving include farmhouse, bohemian and bold brights. Whether you’re just making a few small changes or completely redecorating your space, these ideas will bring style, function and comfort to your home.

Ideas for Decorating a Patio

Comfort and aesthetic appeal are equal partners when dressing a deck. Kohl’s has all of the accessories and design essentials sure to breathe life back into your home’s exterior. One of the best ways to make a small patio feel more put together is to focus on one or two colors to add a unifying feel to your decor. 

Create the ideal gathering space for day or nighttime get-togethers by incorporating equally functional add-ons like serving carts, wine cabinets, or bar and stool sets. Complete the look of your outdoor space with accent items like end tables and ottomans designed to complement your personal style.

You can also find patterned stools and garden stools that bring convenient seating to your deck and patio. These versatile objects have many uses from side tables and seats to plant keepers and decorative accents. Whether on display in your garden or your porch, these ceramic (and sometimes metal or wooden) stools are sure to extend a lovely touch to any space.

Decorating Ideas for Decks

Lay Down a Stylish Rug

Patio rugs are a great way to brighten up your space, protect your flooring from furniture scratches, and cushion your feet. Since your rug will be exposed to the elements, you’ll want options that not only look great but are durable as well. In general, synthetic materials like nylon, polyester and polypropylene are great for rugs exposed to inclement weather because they’re more resistant to mold and mildew. Other options like bamboo and wool rugs can also be used outdoors, but they typically fare better in covered areas.

Use Lights to Set the Mood

Outdoor lights come in various shapes, sizes and designs, meaning there’s sure to be a style of light that suits your space and gives off the perfect amount of illumination. Look for soft lighting elements such as string lights that you can wrap around railings and banisters. These twinkling lights will be a gorgeous display any time of the year. Alternatively, outdoor candles and lanterns will give your yard a nice glow. From mounted wall lights to walkway lights, you’ll have a charming display that will brighten your space with ease.

Add Pillows to Chairs and Loveseats

Outdoor throw pillows are an excellent way to give your seating a fresh look. Oversized pillows can also hide any furniture stains or nicks. Just make sure that you keep them all in the same shade or pattern to really tie the decor together. Whether you add pillows to outdoor chairs or provide them for guests who prefer to lounge along the edge of the deck, they’ll help you reiterate your deck’s decorating scheme.

Essential Furniture for Your Outdoor Oasis

Patio furniture provides more than just a place to eat or relax outside—it’s also an extension of your indoor living space. Your outdoor dining and entertainment space deserves furniture that’s just as stylish as it is comfortable. The best outdoor furniture for your patio is stylish and durable, thus beautifying your exterior space. Whatever your outdoor venue, think about how you want to use the space, whether it’s for a quiet reading zone, cocktail hour or an entertainment area.

Look for waterproof fabric like pretty wicker furniture with accent pillows that add a pop of color. With our selection of outdoor patio furniture, we can help you create an outdoor experience that you and your family can enjoy for years. We have the furniture sure to keep you comfortable for any occasion.

Patio Chairs

Plush outdoor chairs will attract your visitors to the patio. Outdoor rocking chairs offer guests a soothing seat they’re sure to love, while nothing compares to summer evenings on a porch swing. When you’re serving meals or enjoying an evening cocktail, dining chairs will be the perfect addition to your patio table.

Folding patio chairs come in several different styles, too, so you can easily add the chairs and have them coordinate with the rest of your patio furniture. Each is made to withstand the elements and survive years of use. You can also explore accent chairs, Adirondack chairs, benches and stools all designed with outdoor living in mind.

Patio Tables

Patio tables let you take the party outside for parties and casual nights relaxing outdoors. Use patio accents and end tables to amp up your outdoor decor. You can place them between lounge chairs and sofas to tie together your patio or deck decor. These tables can be used to hold your food, drinks, plants or other items.

Patio coffee tables work just as well in outdoor lounging spaces as they do indoors. Small tables are easier to move around and leave more space for you and your guests to move about. On the other hand, large tables can hold more decor and other items. But no matter what size or style you choose, you’ll give your outdoor area a stylish and cozy ambiance.

Patio Umbrellas

After finding your ideal table, turn your attention to a patio umbrella. You’ll enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors while relaxing under the shade of patio umbrellas. Anchored in a sturdy base, this tilting sunshade adjusts to block blazing rays throughout the day. Outdoor patio umbrellas can be used in front yards, backyards, poolside and in the middle of outdoor dining sets as a table umbrella. Market umbrellas are the most popular style of outdoor umbrellas. These patio table umbrellas come in round, square and rectangular shapes held by a pole in the middle.

Alternatively, cantilever umbrellas often feature more flexibility with the adjustment mechanisms compared to a market umbrella because it’s attached to a single freestanding pole on one end. Since the pole doesn’t go through the center of the table, it’s ideal for large outdoor dining areas or sectional seating.

Other important factors are the colorfastness of the canopy material, and whether it’s UV and water-resistant. This ensures that the umbrella won’t fade or tear due to sun, wind, or rain. You can also decide if you want a crank or push umbrella. Crank umbrellas make it easy to raise and lower the umbrella’s canopy with a tilt function that lets you adjust the umbrella’s angle as the sun moves. Conversely, a push umbrella will take a little more work to manually lock the canopy into place. Keep these factors in mind if you’re considering this convenient addition to your deck or patio table.

Patio Curtains & Drapes

Are you looking for outdoor window treatments for your gazebo, deck or patio door? Many people don’t consider these decorative options, but it’s something that can really set your backyard apart from the others. Not only are outdoor drapes and curtains perfect for adding privacy to your outdoor space, but they also add a decorative touch. You can use eye-catching colored curtains to make a statement or add a subtle hint of luxury with sheer drapes.

Our outdoor curtains are made with durable materials that can withstand heat and moisture like a pro. These weather-resistant drapes come in many beautiful colors including neutral tones and bolder shades. Curtains made with special acrylic or polyester fabrics are best for outdoor spaces because they are more resistant to mold, water and other harmful conditions.

Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture

The best outdoor furniture for your patio should be comfortable and durable, beautifying your exterior space. But when those pieces have to go up against pounding rain, howling wind or the beating sun, you’ll want to make sure they can withstand the elements every season. While there is virtually no 100% weatherproof patio furniture, there are big differences in the materials used. At Kohl’s, you can find patio furniture made from durable, long-lasting materials, including metal, wood and wicker.

Wicker patio furniture is a long-lasting, weather-resistant synthetic material wrapped over a metal frame. It’s a stylish option that won’t fade or crack and is designed to withstand rain, sunlight, and humidity. Wood patio furniture, on the other hand, offers ageless appeal and natural beauty. This material provides long durability that will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Finally, metal patio furniture is typically the strongest material for outdoor furniture. Its density helps prevent dents and other damage from frequent use.

How to Care for Deck & Patio Furniture

So, you’ve decided on the type of furniture that meets your style and functionality preferences. Congrats! Now it’s time to take that final step toward ensuring your new additions last you for years to come.

It’s important to invest in covers for all of your furniture, regardless of the material. Patio furniture covers enhance the lifespan of your home’s exterior furnishings. The sun, water and dirt can all lead to bleaching and other damage, which can be avoided with a waterproof slipcover.

Most patio furniture covers are made of waterproof materials, allowing rain and precipitation to stay off the furniture. While the materials keep water off the furniture, the covers also offer ventilation panels (typically on the side of the covers) to prevent condensation from forming inside the cover. Some covers also come with tape to be placed over the seams for even more protection from erratic weather.

When it comes to maintaining your furniture, you should also clean all outdoor patio furniture at least four times a year. Be sure to wipe down your chairs and pillows with a slightly damp or dry cloth to loosen and remove dirt and debris. You can also try spraying it down with a washable protectant to help them avoid moisture and stains. It can even help to give your table surfaces a deep clean with material-appropriate cleaning products. Just make sure you give it time to completely dry first before lounging on them again or covering them.

With a fully furnished deck or patio, you’ll love to have friends and family over for barbecues and other fun events! Shop Kohl’s for all the backyard and patio essentials needed to create a great outdoor party space!