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How to Decorate Your Dorm Walls

How to Decorate Your Dorm Walls

Moving into your college dorm is an exciting stage in your life. For many, it’s the first time you get to be out on your own, experiencing life for yourself. One aspect of building your own space is decorating your dorm room. And one of the ways many college students like to enhance their dorm is by adding in a variety of wall décor.

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Types of Dorm Wall Décor Options

There are lots of ways to add some personality to your dorm room walls. The keys for choosing the right wall decorations are to know which styles of décor you like and how to adhere them to the walls.

Photo & Poster Frames

Putting various pictures and posters around your dorm room is a popular way to display important parts of your personality and life. Photo memories with friends and family, as well as posters that showcase favorite movies, bands and more, are easy to install and quick to make an impact.

For college students, plastic frames are the top choice, as they are lightweight. Since you likely can’t use nails in dorm room walls, these lighter options can be hung on walls using hooks and adhesive tape.

String Lights

A favorite wall décor option for college students, string lights offer a laid-back vibe and illumination. And string lights are easy to place in your dorm room, offering an immediate visual upgrade.

You can find string lights in a variety of types, including the ever-popular Christmas lights. Even though most people think of these as seasonal decorations, Christmas lights can be used year round and come in a variety of colors.

Other light choices include fairy lights, color-changing LED lights, officially licensed lights from movies like Star Wars and Despicable Me and many more.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

You can make a dramatic statement on your dorm room walls by applying peel and stick wallpaper to them. This décor style allows you to immerse yourself in a personal atmosphere you build yourself. From a variety of art styles to picks from pop culture franchises, peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to quickly and easily personalize your room.

The big consideration when choosing peel and stick wallpaper is knowing how to properly apply it to your walls. If the application is done improperly, the wallpaper will not look the way you want and will likely show air bubbles and wrinkles.

The first step in the whole process is to measure and figure out exactly how much wallpaper you need. Once that’s complete, it’s time to prepare the walls before application. Clean and dry your walls before applying. Once ready, cut the wallpaper to the sizes you need, and line up the top of the wallpaper at the ceiling. With the backing removed, apply the wallpaper from the top down. After application, use a plastic wallpaper smoothing tool to remove the air pockets and wrinkles, being careful not to press too hard.

Aside from these tips, be sure to always consult the product’s instructions on the packaging to ensure proper installation.

Garland/Faux Plants

Adding a little greenery into your dorm room will offer a natural, welcoming atmosphere. Since most of your time at school is spent on studies, jobs and with friends, choosing faux plants or garland means you can have green décor all year that doesn’t require watering or a lot of maintenance.

Seasonal garland is a great way to decorate your dorm for holidays. No matter if you want a room ready for Halloween, Christmas or other festive occasions, you can find options that suit the season.

Flags & Tapestries

Another easy wall-hanging option for your dorm is a flag. This can be any kind of flag, from a country’s banner to a sports team flag. Hang your flag with your college’s team logo to show your school spirit!

Aside from decorative flags, you can even consider hanging up patterned blankets or sheets to add style to your dorm walls. You can capture a boho theme with geometric patterned sheets and throws, or go for a coastal vibe with fabrics that feature beach graphics and warm colors.

How to Hang Decorations on the Wall

Most schools will not allow students to put nails into the dorm walls, so other methods of hanging pictures, posters and other décor need to be used.

One popular option for hanging decorations on the wall is to use adhesive hooks. 3M Command hooks and hangers are a great choice for dorm walls. Command hooks come in a wide variety of designs, each one made to help you install any kind of wall art or décor. These hooks have built-in adhesive that sticks right on the wall and provides a hook to hang posters, pictures, banners and more.

Another option for hanging art on walls is mounting putty or tape. These are also easy to use and will not alter the wall’s look. 

Again, be sure to follow any instructions on the products to ensure the hooks or mounting material securely hold up your décor without damaging your dorm’s walls.

Trendy Wall Décor Pieces We Love

Make a Personal Statement with Americanflat “Beyoutiful” Framed Wall Art

This framed wall art piece is a great way to showcase your individuality. The “Beyoutiful Floral” artwork by Amy Brinkman provides a splash of color to your dorm. You can choose a black or white frame for the artwork, allowing it to look its best in your space. The attached D-rings make hanging it a breeze on any kind of hook.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Americanflat “Stay Wild Skull” Framed Wall Art

Another piece from Amy Brinkman, Stay Wild Skull, has a rustic theme, floral and other natural features, and earth-tones. The art is again available in a black or white frame and has D-rings for hanging.

Sweeten the Look of Your Dorm with Americanflat “Pineapple Pink” Framed Wall Art

A popular subject of artwork is fruit, and this framed wall art piece follows that trend. “Pineapple Pink” by Claudia Libenberg is the art displayed here, and it adds a unique look and a pop of color to any space. You can choose from a variety of size options and frame colors to match your dorm décor.

Grow Your Dorm Décor with a Sonoma Goods For Life® Hanging Planter Wall Décor

Adding a plant to your dorm is a nice option to provide some natural appeal to the space. This hanging planter from Sonoma Goods For Life adds even more charm when displaying a plant in a dorm room. The durable construction of the planter can withstand being used outside, too.

Make a Statement with a New View Gray Letter Board Wall Décor 190-piece Set

What better way to share your thoughts with others than by displaying them on wall art! This letter board allows you to spell out anything you wish, from inspirational quotes to countdowns to special events. The board comes with 190 pieces to use, including 180 letter and symbol pieces, as well as 10 individual pieces that offer special messages, like “Me & You” or “Memories”.

Add Striking Style to Your Space with a Urban Habitat Cosmic Curl Framed Canvas Wall Art 3-Piece Set

Triptych wall art is a style that gets noticed. It includes three separate art pieces that all work together to create a complete decorative experience. This Urban Habitat Cosmic Curl triptych adds trendy appeal to your dorm. The stark line and circle artwork design makes an immediate impression.

Dream of Sunny Road Trips by Decorating with a RoomMates Surf Van Large Tapestry

Hanging a tapestry can instantly add charm to your dorm room. This option from RoomMates provides surf style that brings the feel of Southern California to your dorm, no matter where you go to school. The tapestry is easy to hang with small thumb tacks, hooks or even nails if allowed. It can be used as a window cover, table cloth or couch cover, offering versatility.

Head Back to the Old School with a Trademark Fine Art Chalkboard Wall Art

Nothing quite provides the feeling of being in class like having a chalkboard present. You can introduce a chalkboard into your dorm room, hanging an option like this one on your walls. The chalkboard lets you write messages and take notes with ease. It also features one of many phrases that decorate your space, like “Follow Your Dreams” or “Spread Kindness.”

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