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Gaming Room Ideas

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Gaming Room Ideas

Create a fun, welcoming, and exciting space in your home that’s all set for game night with friends and family with essentials found at Kohl’s! Building a gaming room is perfect for anyone who likes to fire up the latest video game, take on new adventures in the newest board games, or just kick back and relax in a place dedicated to hobbies and pastimes.

With lots of essentials for creating a game or rec room, Kohl’s is the place to shop for all the items you need! From desks and TV stands, to electronics, gaming furniture, accessories, and more, Kohl’s is the place to get the gear you need to plug in, play, and pass the time!

One popular form of video gaming is on personal computers, so ensuring that you have the proper set up for your PC is a must. There are several essential items you need for playing games on PC, so let’s look at those products that you cannot live without!

First, is the PC itself. Looking at specifics, you’ll want a gaming PC that offers 8 GB of RAM at a minimum. For the optimal gaming experience, look for a computer that offers 16 GB of RAM. You’ll also want to look at and compare processors, graphics cards, and more when shopping for a gaming PC.

PC gaming also requires certain gaming accessories, like controllers, headsets, a mouse, a monitor, and more. These items are available in a wide variety of offerings, ranging from basic models that are sure to get the job done, to professional options that maximize your gaming experience with the latest and greatest in gaming technology.

To store your PC, you’ll want to add a gaming desk to your space. A desk for PC gaming should include enough storage space to hold games and accessories, the PC and monitor, speakers, and other items that you’ll need when playing. Desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from desks designed for corners, L-shaped desks, or simple, rectangular desks.

While sitting at your desk, you’ll want to be comfortable and able to feel your best during marathon gaming sessions! This is where a high-quality gaming chair will come into play. PC gaming chairs provide lots of features that ensure you’re comfortable and supported during play, offering things like armrests, reclining functions, memory foam, lumbar support, and more. Many gaming chairs are set atop a wheeled base, so you can move with ease, too.

If you’re more of a gamer connected to the world of video game consoles through your Xbox or PlayStation, then Kohl’s is the place for you to find all your game room needs, too! While there may be some similarities between a PC gaming room and a console gaming room, there are also plenty of differences, as well as different items and essentials needed to get the most out of your gaming time!

For example, a console gamer is sure to need the latest and greatest gaming devices out there. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony lead the way in terms of gaming innovations and technologies, and their consoles are found in many households worldwide.

Your gaming console will be hooked up to a TV or gaming monitor, and that display will need a place to sit. To build the required set up, as well as to help with additional storage, be sure to find a TV stand that will hold your TV, console, games, accessories, and more. This will allow you to keep your gaming items all in one place – secure, safe, and always ready to go!

To get the most out of any immersive gaming experience, you’ll want to surround yourself with sounds of the game you’re playing. Sound bars and speaker systems that are hooked up to your console and TV will put you in the middle of your favorite game, and you’ll hear things like approaching enemies, cheering fans, and roaring engines clearly and precisely.

And just like PC gaming, you’ll also want to consider a dedicated gaming chair for when you play console games, too. These chairs are designed to offer support and comfort during gaming sessions, so you can keep playing as long as possible. Many console gaming chairs come in models that simply sit on the floor and allow you to rock back and forth as you play. Others look more like PC gaming chairs, and offer those features mentioned above. Either way, you’ll be set to play on for hours when comfortable seated in a gaming chair!

Outside the high-tech world of online PC and console gaming, there’s nothing quite like chilling with friends and family around an old-fashioned board game. No matter if you’re into strategy games that have you harvesting resources to build towns and roads, or are into trivia games, party games, or classic games like chess, dedicating a space to your hobby allows you to keep your games sorted, and gives you a space to play when others come over for game night!

In a room set up for board gaming, you’ll need an ideal table first and foremost. Consider how many players you’ll be hosting on any given night, and ensure you have enough space and seating for those who attend. Also consider the games you’ll be playing – will players need to reach across a large board? Or is there no board used at all for most of the games you’re interested in? This could determine the type and size of table you choose to add to your game room. The seating you choose is also important, as you want guests to be as comfortable as possible as they are playing.

Another thing to consider for your game room is storage. Perhaps you’ll want to install or build shelves to show off your awesome game collection. Or maybe you want to add plastic storage bins that keep your games protected and all in one place. Either way, you’ll need plenty of space to store your games, and you’ll want to ensure your game storage allows you to access each title easily.

Other Game Room Essentials

  • Lighting is another important aspect of a game room of any kind. Players will need to see the board and the rest of the components during game play. Add lamps, LED lights, or other lighting options to the room to ensure it’s well-lit for everyone.
  • And, of course, as you and your buddies play long gaming sessions on your console or around the table, you’re bound to get a bit hungry and thirsty! To keep food and drinks close at hand, why not consider adding a small refrigerator to your game room?
  • Don’t forget to decorate your gaming space, too! Add in thematic wall art, decorative accents, area rugs, and more to give the space a welcoming vibe for all who join in the fun.