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Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Transforming small spaces doesn’t have to be hard. An odd-shaped bedroom or living room can be tough to decorate, but no space is ever too small for beautiful home decor. If you’re looking to furnish an apartment, dorm room or any other small living space, then these decorating ideas and furniture options are sure to help create a space that you’ll absolutely love.

Use our helpful guide or your own design intuition to truly impress all of your guests.

Decorating Ideas for Small Kitchens

Saving space in a kitchen can make all the difference with how you interact in it. You’ll need to be able to move around freely in the room as you cook, as well as have the ability to offer a table for your family and guests to sit at while enjoying a meal that you’ve just whipped up! Here, you’ll find the perfect round dining table that will help traffic flow more easily in your space. Or, get a drop-leaf table perfect for keeping folded during the week and opening up for weekend game nights. No matter your space or style, the right table can help make your kitchen look and feel its best.

Often, people who have very little counter space and various appliances benefit from kitchen islands and carts. Islands can be placed in the middle of the kitchen floor, while carts can be placed in other areas like next to the refrigerator or under the window sill. Kitchen islands feature a hardtop to help with food prep, and often have sufficient cabinet storage to keep your cooking appliances out of the way and easily accessible. They’re designed to match different decors but they do tend to trend toward a slightly rustic look. Carts, on the other hand, also feature a top but are more for holding than prepping. They tend to feature undercarriage storage, some without doors that can display your decor. They’re ultimately lighter than islands and are more notably used for storage. 

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Ideas for Decorating Small Bedrooms

In a small bedroom, you may need to choose pieces that can do double duty. For instance, you may not have the option of sleeping on a queen or king-size bed. However, if you still choose to have a large bed, one way to create more space is to place your bed on risers. Or, opt for a bed with built-in storage. 

Options like wheeled boxes, drawers, locked boxes, or storage bags give you the ability to store items underneath and leaves your space less cluttered. If you don’t have enough room for a dresser, then a large nightstand is a good substitute for holding your clothes. A storage ottoman at the foot of your bed is perfect for other items like blankets, pillows and even shoes. They’re hands down one of the most practical pieces of furniture that you can have in your home. As versatile as it is stylish, ottomans are a must-have in any room beyond your bedroom. 

Another tip is to keep the room layout simple. By centering your bed in the middle of your room,  you’ll leave plenty of space to walk on either side. You should also include plenty of light sources to keep the room from feeling dark and claustrophobic. In some cases, oversized light fixtures can actually create the illusion of more space. Next, consider adding curtains and drapes. Sheer curtains are great for letting in natural light while blackout curtains are ideal when you want to add a little more privacy to your sleeping quarters. Finally, give your room the finishing touch with new bedding coordinates, comforters and throw pillows. 

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Small Living Room Design Ideas

Layers of texture, brilliant furniture choices, and loads of creativity can turn your small space into the room of your dreams. Hanging living room curtains and drapes as close to the ceiling as possible is a design trick that helps draw the gaze. It’s best in rooms with modern decor because you won’t be distracted by contrasting colors. Sheer drapes and curtains transform any room into a lovely living area that’s sure to please your friends and family. Not only are sheer drapes lightweight, but practical and easy to hang as well. 

Next, think about the type of furniture you want in your space. The trick here is to find multifunctional pieces that perform several duties. For example, coffee tables that offer built-in storage drawers and spaces that can hold things like books, remote controls and coasters are perfect for removing clutter and tidying up your living room. 

For seating options, low-profile chairs and sofas are key. This type of furniture features a minimalist design that offers comfort without the excess bulk found in some traditional seating pieces. For even more functionality, look for a sleeper sofa that can double as a guest bed. And here’s another quick living room hack: sturdy stools can not only provide additional seating for friends and family but they can easily be used as a side table that sits right next to your sofa or loveseat! 

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Design Ideas for a Small Closet

A lack of square footage shouldn’t cramp your style. No matter if your closet is a large walk-in style or a smaller space with just enough room for hanging clothes, there are tons of organizational tools and styling tricks that can help you maximize your space. Instead of cutting your wardrobe in half, keep these tricks in mind to squeeze every inch out of your closet. 

First, take advantage of the space underneath your hanging clothes. Add a shelving unit, drawer or shoe rack that fits in that open space to ensure you’re getting the most out of your closet. Then, double up your hanging capacity. A hanging rod gives you room to hang up jackets, hoodies, shirts and other long-hanging clothes. You can move your existing hanging rod up to make even more room for things hanging below. Or, add a second row below the current one to create twice the hanging space. You can also make use of your closet door. Closet organizers are used for holding shoes, accessories, towels and a variety of other items. 

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Refreshing a Small Bathroom

No matter the size of your bathroom, it’s important to have a designated spot to organize your towels, toiletries, soaps and other essentials. When you’re in need of extra storage space in your home, bathroom shelves will keep your items safe and secure. Space saver shelves are a creative, yet subtle way to decorate and organize your bathroom while tower shelves have a narrow design that can go over any toilet, making them a great addition to any small bathroom with limited space. 

Your bathroom should also reflect your style just like the rest of your home. Nothing pulls a room together quite like a quality rug, and the bathroom is no exception. Our selection of bathroom rugs will give your restroom some serious styling points while keeping your bare feet warm when you’re fresh out of the shower. Choose between trends such as floral, nature, animal print and solid colors depending on your washroom’s current vibe. 

Coordinated shower curtains, bath towels and hand towels can also help a room feel unified and add a lovely splash of color. Explore our incredible selection of bath towels and bath accessories like soap dishes, shower curtains, bath trays and more. Opt for sleek and modern pieces in a variety of appealing styles. Whether feminine and soft, or bold and bright, we have the decor options that will help your room stand out. 

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Ideas for Creating a Personalized Home Office

Nowadays, more people are working from home. Any homeowner can benefit from a comfortable working space to get things done as efficiently as possible. After all, wouldn’t you rather work in a beautiful room that motivates you? When it comes to personalizing a small office space, there are a few factors to take into consideration. 

Your space needs to be functional but also fit your personality and style. Floating shelves are perfect for multifunctional spaces. You can use these shelves to display your favorite decor while making more room on the floor for your desk and other storage units. Wall art and decor can create a gallery wall when compiled into a single area. If the surrounding walls are left blank, then this effect can make the room appear more open and spacious. 

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Additional Tips for Decorating Small Rooms

  • Try hanging mirrors on the walls. Mirrors help make any space feel larger and can work in conjunction with windows to really open up the place in your home. The art of illusion never fails with a mirror. Not only will a decorative mirror add rich appeal, but it can also deliver the appearance of increased square footage in a tiny space. Whether you want to visually expand the look of your bedroom, living room or dining room, using reflections can beautifully open up a room. 
  • Be sure to mount TVs, lamps and shelves to walls. Placing these items directly onto the wall means that you won’t need a TV stand, accent table, or bookshelf to place in the floorplan. 
  • When adding shelving units, pick ones that are open and reach higher. The openness of the shelves gives the illusion of a larger space, while the higher staging makes more use of the total area in your room. 
  • Light plays an important role in design. Layer in either natural light or lighting with floor and table lamps. You’ll be amazed at how a few accent lights can instantly cozy up your bedroom or living room.

You can even take a step further by finding new, modern light fixtures that create a more relaxing ambiance. 

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or just want to change up a small room’s decor, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of any space in your home. Shop Kohl’s today to find everything you need to design the place you call home! 

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