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Ideas for Gifts for Teachers

Ideas for Gifts for Teachers

Gifts for teachers are kind and generous ways to show appreciation for all they do. From grading papers to preparing lesson plans, teachers put much time and effort into their jobs. So when gift-giving occasions come around, be sure to include your child’s teacher on your shopping list.

Kohl’s has great gift options for teachers, as well as plenty of items for anyone you’re shopping for. No matter the occasion, our full line of gifting items has just the thing to make that special someone’s day.

Classroom Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are always looking for essential items they need for use in the classroom. While this includes items like school supplies, it also includes everyday must-haves, like classroom décor and fun activities for students.

To decorate the classroom, consider giving a teacher photo frames or wall art. These items instantly elevate the classroom space with personal touches. For example, look for inspirational wall art that will not only enhance the look of the classroom, but it will give students motivation during their learning sessions.

Other personal decorations that make great gifts include sports fan décor, as these items showcase any teacher’s loyalty to their favorite teams.

To keep students engaged and having a good time while learning, look for educational board games and toys that will offer hours of enjoyment during class. Word games like Scrabble can help students with their vocabulary and spelling. Dice games like Yahtzee can provide excitement while kids develop math skills. Meanwhile, STEM toys are great for engaging students in science, technology, engineering and math.

Other essentials to have in the classroom include hand sanitizer and skin moisturizers. Sanitizer works to prevent the spread of germs, while moisturizer ensures your skin doesn’t dry out.

Everyday Teacher Gifts They’ll Love

Every teacher needs some must-haves to get through their busy days in class. Some teachers need coffee or other caffeinated beverages to keep them energized. For these educators, pick up a travel mug, which will help keep their pick-me-up at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

Teachers need to stay organized and on schedule, too. Gifting a teacher a desk organizer will keep their workspace neat and tidy, saving time and energy when they need to find a specific item. For jotting down notes and keeping track of their schedule, a teacher can always use a journal or a calendar.

For cold days when teachers head outside with their students for recess or a field trip, make sure they’re warm and comfortable with cold-weather accessories. Getting a teacher a winter hat, a pair of gloves or a scarf ensures they keep cozy in any conditions when out of the classroom and in the elements.

Relaxation Gifts for Teachers

After a long day, a teacher needs to kick back and relax. If the teacher in your life likes to unwind with a yoga session or other workout, shop the full selection of exercise equipment. From yoga mats and free weights to elliptical machines and treadmills, any kind of workout gear can be found, ensuring you find exactly what that active teacher on your gift list needs.

Another way a teacher might unwind after a school day is by turning down the lights and lighting a few candles at home. Not only will the candles provide a relaxing ambience in their living space, but they will offer a soothing and enjoyable fragrance that enhances their relaxation capabilities.

And nothing helps someone chill after work like an at-home massager, one that works the tightness out of the shoulders, back and neck. You can also find massage guns that offer more direct and focused attention to trouble areas.

Other items that will help a teacher unwind after a long day of work include cozy slippers and warm socks. With soft, snuggly coverings on their feet, any teacher can kick their heels up and take a load off. Another cozy item to consider for a teacher is a throw blanket.

Other Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers also need a comfortable chair to sit on as they grade papers and take care of other tasks. An office chair with proper lumbar support is a must for any classroom or at-home desk workspace.

Kohl’s also offers fun teacher-specific gifts, like jewelry, apparel, mugs and more.

And if you’re not sure exactly what the teacher on your list wants or needs, consider picking up a Kohl’s gift card. They can use a gift card on almost anything at a Kohl’s store or online at, giving them the freedom to choose exactly what they’re looking for.

When you’re searching for a gift for a teacher that will make the grade, shop Kohl’s and pick up something that will send you to the head of the class.