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5 Fall Bedding Ideas to Keep You Cozy

Cozy Bedding Essentials for the Fall

Are you ready to fall into cozy bedroom decor? No matter where you live, the change of the seasons adds a little chill to the air. When the cool, autumn breeze sets in and the leaves begin to change color, you’ll want to ensure your bed is both cozy and stylish with fall bedding essentials from Kohl’s! Refresh your room with harvest-themed bedding coordinates, cozy blankets, charming comforters, and plush throw pillows.

With appealing brands such as The Big One, Koolaburra by UGG, and Sonoma Goods for Life, your fall bedding style is sure to exceed expectations.

1. Keep Warm in Sonoma Goods For Life Andorra Waffle Comforter Set with Shams

Feeling well-rested is key to a balanced life, and finding the perfect comforter is the first step to achieving that balance. If you’re ready to chase the chill away with super warm and comfortable bedding options designed for cold weather, comforters are a cozy choice for adding a personal touch while creating a focal point for the room.

A Sonoma Goods For Life Andorra Waffle Comforter Set is perfect for keeping you comfortable all night long. This lightweight comforter consists of soft, breathable fabric that will fit a variety of bed sizes. You can keep it simple with neutral white bedding that leaves your bedroom feeling light and airy, even during the cold weather months. Or, you choose bed sheets and comforters in vibrant colors.

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2. Add Cozy Layers With Soft Pillows

There’s nothing more inviting than a bed full of fluffy pillows. Kohl’s has just what you need to recreate a luxury hotel look with white bedding and layered pillows that provide exceptional comfort. 

If you don’t want to change your bedding, adding a few warm-toned throw pillows against a white or cream backdrop can easily add a cozy feel. And if rich tones aren’t your style or you prefer neutrals, swap out your white pillows for navy blue, brown, or dark gray colors.

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3. Wrap Yourself Up in Plush Blankets & Throws

There’s no such thing as having too many blankets. You can layer throws on your bed to bring eye-catching dimension and add the perfect nap location. Alternatively, add texture to your loveseat, armchair, or couch with tasseled, striped, or plaid throws.

Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite show or just hanging out with your family, The Big One® Oversized Supersoft Plush Throws, Koolaburra by UGG Octavia Faux Fur Throws, and The Big One® Super Soft Plush Blankets will pair well with any decor and add a welcoming vibe to your space. These throw blankets come in solid colors as well as various patterns including floral, plaid, and pumpkin prints, so you’re sure to find a style you love!

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4. Include Calming Colors & Patterns

Decorating your walls is an essential step of the interior design process, but it feels especially important in the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary—a restful, cozy space where you fall asleep after a long day and wake up feeling refreshed for the next one. Soft greens, muted browns, and a splash of red or orange can help keep your bedroom feeling serene.

Part of decorating the space is figuring out how to make the elements fit together. Perhaps hanging various types of wood wall art pieces in proximity to each other will create a cool collage effect. Depending on the style you’ve chosen for your space, your wall art can create a wonderfully warm and earthy look, helping guide the eye to whatever the focal point is. However, you can also use other textures, like metal or canvas, to really make the wood aspects stand out.

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5. Create Ambiance with Lighting

Instead of using an overhead light, try incorporating various sources of lighting such as small lamps and strategically mounted ceiling lights for a touch of drama. Low-wattage bulbs and sturdy lampshades are excellent choices for diffusing the light throughout the room for maximum coziness.

Want to relax with soothing scents? Candles are also a nice way to add fragrance and warm light if your bedroom isn’t equipped with a fireplace. Browse our assortment of calming scents perfect for lighting after an afternoon of household chores or when it’s time to kick back and relax.

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You can always count on Kohl’s for all of your home decor needs! Whether you’re just getting started with home decorations or looking for that last touch to tie it all together, our wide array of decorative options gives you full reign to make your home truly yours. Shop Kohl’s today to find cozy essentials for any occasion!