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Ideas for Grunge Outfit Inspo

Ideas for Grunge Outfit Inspo

One of the most recognizable looks to come out of the 1990s is the edgy style known as grunge. Grunge outfits include dark hues, flannels, ripped jeans, sneakers or combat boots and chokers. If you are looking for something nostalgic, eccentric and effortless, grunge fashion is the way to go.

Grunge fashion emerged in the ’80s and reached peak popularity in the ’90s. The look and style were part of a broader subculture that was supported by the grunge music genre. As such, musicians were pioneers of the aesthetic, which featured a rough-around-the-edges appearance that makes a statement, much like the tunes that defined the era and the style.

Although the style began as a statement against lots of trends in the world of fashion, it quickly became mainstream and made its way onto the runway. As such, the trademarks of grunge, including heavy layering, flannel shirts, ripped denim, oversized silhouettes, beanies and slouchy sweaters were soon everywhere.

Types of Grunge Looks

While the entirety of the grunge trend follows the same general aesthetic, there are several varieties to consider. These different looks offer subtle differences that can speak more to your personal style.

1980s Grunge

The grunge movement is most often associated with the 1990s, when it really hit its stride. However, if you want to go back to the origin, you have to embrace the 1980s grunge styles. Since the ’80s were all about high fashion, glamor and excess, this counterculture movement adopted opposing styles like high-waisted pants or acid wash jeans, cut-up band tees, and thick leather jackets. You’ll find a lot of crossover with the punk movement of the same era.

1990s Grunge

You can still achieve the classic 1990s grunge look with ease in the modern day. Remember that grunge is all about layers and making a statement with imperfect fashion. That means wearing ripped jeans, worn boots or Converse sneakers, and clothes that are baggy or thick, hiding your body’s shape in favor of comfort and attitude.

Soft Grunge

The soft grunge style finds a middle ground between the classic grunge movement and mainstream fashion, for a lighter approach to the look with your favorite elements. While you’ll still be able to rock ripped jeans and plaid layers, this look is a little more versatile than other forms of the aesthetic.

Other Grunge Essentials to Enhance Your Look

No grunge outfit is complete without the right shoes to complement the style. The main grunge shoes are chunky black combat boots or canvas sneakers, like Vans or Converse. Other cool grunge shoes include black platform sandals with thick leather straps.

Grunge is all about going against expectations, and makeup can help you achieve this, along with your outfit. You can wear little to no makeup and embrace your natural beauty. A makeup-free look is bold, yet simple, and has been a beauty trend in recent years.

Other grunge makeup options to consider are bold eyeshadow, a fierce cat eye with eyeliner, thick mascara or dramatic lipstick colors like purple or black. Grunge makeup can be striking, allowing you to express yourself beyond just your wardrobe.

Grunge Products for Your Wardrobe

Connect to the Retro Grunge Style with a Juniors’ Avatar Grid Cropped Tee

A graphic tee with retro appeal is a smart addition to your grunge wardrobe. It connects with the timeframe when grunge was all the rage, and offers personal appeal with images and logos from entertainment you enjoy.

This juniors’ Avatar: The Last Airbender cropped tee fits the bill. It provides iconic appeal with officially licensed graphics, and is made of a soft cotton blend that’s comfortable all day long. It also easily pairs with the jeans and flannel button-down shirts that are also part of a grunge look.

Stylishly Store Your Essentials in a LC Lauren Conrad Kate Backpack

The grunge look can be enhanced easily with handbags and backpacks, and this option from LC Lauren Conrad works great as an everyday accessory.

Two interior slip pockets and an exterior zip pocket keep items like your cell phone and wallet stored securely. The backpack is available in a wide range of colors, including black, which is perfect for the grunge trend.

Add a Grunge Staple to Your Look with a Pair of Henry Ferrera Cali 100 Women’s Platform Combat Boots

Nothing says “grunge” more than a pair of combat boots. These boots from Henry Ferrera feature all the hallmarks of grunge footwear, making them a must-have in your shoe collection.

The platform and chunky block heel offer iconic appeal. A lugged outsole provides additional style and traction. Zipper accents enhance the look and offer the perfect fit, too.

Increase Your Cool Factor in Ray-Ban RB3025 Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses

A classic pair of aviator sunglasses can work as part of almost any wardrobe. They really stand out and make a statement when embracing the grunge trend.

These Ray-Ban sunglasses are the standard when it comes to cool accessories. The aviator style is iconic, and ties into the throwback appeal of the grunge theme. The metal frames and glass lenses are built to stand up to everyday wear, as well.

Send Your Grunge Look to New Heights with PRIMROSE Sterling Silver Half Moon Curb Chain Front to Back Drop Earrings

Jewelry is a great way to enhance and embrace any trend, and the grunge look is no different. Options like these half moon drop earrings work with all the other grunge gear in your closet, so you can fully embrace the theme with ease.

The polished sterling silver finish of these earrings offers timeless appeal. The drop design provides an added dimension to your look, too.

Bring Fashion and Function Together with a Women’s Sonoma Goods For Life® Link Braid Studded Belt

No matter if you’re wearing a grunge outfit or any other kind of wardrobe, a belt is a must-have accessory that not only enhances the look, but also ensures a proper fit for your bottoms.

This women’s Sonoma Goods For Life braided belt is perfect for the grunge trend, as the faux-leather material provides retro appeal. The gold-tone harness buckle instantly elevates the appeal, and lets you tie the belt into the other accessories you choose to add to your outfit.

Complete Your Grunge Look with a Juniors’ SO® Pleated High-Rise Mini Skirt

Plaid is a popular pattern seen in grunge attire. Many grunge wearers incorporate a plaid button-down shirt into their look. Another popular pick is a plaid skirt. This juniors’ SO plaid skirt captures the trend perfectly and is sure to be a favorite.

The pleated detailing offers timeless style that makes the skirt tie into the grunge trend. A twill construction ensures long-lasting, comfortable wear. The skirt offers a mini silhouette that’s designed to hit midthigh.

What’s old is new again, and the retro grunge trend is back at the forefront of fashion! Kohl’s is sure to be your one-stop shop for all women’s apparel, shoes and accessories you need to embrace that throwback look you’re sure to love.