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What is the Dopamine Dressing Trend? 5 Ways to Get the Look

What is the Dopamine Dressing Trend? 5 Ways to Get the Look

The clothes you wear not only impact how you look, but they can have an effect on how you feel. Dressing in certain colors, textures or designs can immediately elevate your mood, ensuring you feel your best as you start the day.

This trend is called the “dopamine dressing,” and it’s defined as dressing in certain clothing with the intent to boost your mood. The idea is that certain elements of the clothing will provide a release of dopamine in your body, allowing the feel-good chemical to help your attitude and mood to improve naturally.

Kohl’s offers many different women’s clothing options that fit into the dopamine dressing trend, giving you apparel that will help you feel better the moment you put them on.

What is Dopamine Dressing & Where Did it Come From?

Dopamine dressing is dressing in a certain way to elevate your mood. It is a term coined by fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, and came on due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Karen was considering ways to naturally boost dopamine during times where everyone needed to socially distance, and using a variety of clothing colors and features made perfect sense.

Does Dopamine Dressing Actually Work?

Color therapy and chromotherapy have roots in ancient times, and are still used today as holistic treatments. Having mental connections to colors is a long-accepted tenant in the world of psychology, and is also a factor in the world of fashion. Researchers have found that our clothes can have symbolic meaning that affects our mind and how we perform and feel throughout the day.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the colors we wear do have an effect on our daily life. And this also extends to the fabrics and textures worn, too. Essentially, when dressing, if you think you look good, you’re likely to feel good, too.

Which Colors of Clothing Should You Consider?

There are no defined guidelines in terms of colors that enhance your mood. It really all comes down to personal preference.

That said, some colors do have general, accepted impacts on areas of your well-being and mental state.

Green is generally considered to be soothing, relaxing and anxiety-reducing. Blue is also seen as a color that can relax you and reduce stress. Yellow is thought to assist in energy boosting, while red can stimulate and excite.

If you’re looking for colors that instill feelings of confidence, consider black. It often provides a display of authority and power, which can then give the wearer more inner strength and self-assurance.

Colors can mean various things to different people. And colors can even differ in their meaning from region to region, or country to country. An example of this is the color white. In some cultures, white is connected with purity and freshness. In other regions and cultures, white is linked with mourning. So colors and their meanings are not necessarily universal. It all comes down to personal feelings and preferences.

How Can You Incorporate Dopamine Dressing Into Your Everyday Style?

If you’re looking to add dopamine dressing into your daily routine, you only need to consider how you want to feel, and what colors and textures make you feel that way.

Do you feel energized and excited when wearing bright colors? Or do bright colors make you feel uncomfortable and like you stand out too much? Doing a mental check on what colors make you feel certain ways will get you down the right path.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures. Wearing colors you don’t normally wear can enhance mood and lower stress. And the only way you’ll know that for sure is if you step out of your comfort zone and give it a try!

Our Favorite Items to Start You on the Dopamine Dressing Journey

Set the Tone for Your Look with a Women’s FLX Affirmation Cross-Back Sleeveless Bodysuit

Begin your color therapy journey by building a foundation with base layer pieces like this bodysuit from FLX. The soft jersey construction stretches with your body’s movements. 

It also draws moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable all day. The tag-free neckline and the cross-back design provide additional comfort.

Make Your Dopamine Outfit Pop with a Juniors’ SO® Long Sleeve Fleece Polo

This fleece polo from SO is a great seasonal option for your color-focused wardrobe. The fleece fabric keeps you warm when the temps drop, while the cropped design ensures it fits your style.

The polo offers a four-button placket, a collared neckline, elastic cuffs and a raw-edge hem. All these features combine to provide an on-trend look that can’t be beat.

Embrace a New Hue with a Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Corset Body Midi Dress

When you’re getting ready for a more formal get-together, and you’re looking for an outfit that uses color to enhance your mood, try this dress from LC Lauren Conrad.

The corset design offers simple sophistication that is perfect for any occasion. The denim construction ensures timeless appeal, while the midi silhouette is versatile and always in fashion. Lastly, attached bra cups offer all-day support.

Step into Colorful Style in a Pair of madden girl Kingsley Women’s Slide Sandals

If adding pastels to your footwear collection sounds like something you’d be interested in, try these women’s madden girl slide sandals.

The double hook-and-loop closure straps give the sandals a classic vibe that’s always in style. A durable rubber outsole ensures traction and support with each step. And with a slip-on design, you can easily take them off or put them on.

Accessorize Your Colorful Look with a SO® 3-Piece Mini Claw Hair Clips Set

Continue your color-focused style with accessories that tie the entire look together. These mini claw hair clips from SO allow you to incorporate the dopamine dressing theme into your accessory collection, too. The set includes three clips with a variety of colors and patterns.

Shop Kohl’s for all your clothing needs, no matter what trend or fashion theme you want. Our selection of women’s clothing has plenty of colorful options that fit into the dopamine dressing trend that’s sweeping the industry.