Kohl's Rewards Members

Earn 5% Kohl’s Cash® every day on every purchase.

If advertised on Kohls.com, a stated earn amount of Kohl's Cash for any particular product is approximate and may vary if additional discounts are applied to the purchase transaction.

Kohl’s Cash® is not legal tender. No cash back. Kohl’s Cash coupons can be earned two ways: (1) EARN EVENTS: During Kohl’s Cash earn events, customer will receive a $10 Kohl’s Cash® coupon for every $50 spent on Qualifying Purchases made in a single transaction during the stated earn window (2) EVERY DAY EARN for Kohl’s Rewards™ Charge Holders & Kohl’s Rewards™ Members in the Pilot (select markets): For a limited time, Kohl’s Rewards Charge holders will earn Kohl’s Cash at a rate of 10% of the transaction subtotal for Qualifying Purchases made with a Kohl’s Charge any time, while Kohl’s Rewards Members will earn Kohl’s Cash at a rate of 5% for purchases made with other tender types. If the earned Kohl’s Cash balance is $5 or any greater $5 increment, a Kohl’s Cash coupon will be activated and issued to the customer. If the balance is less than a $5 increment, no coupon will be issued, and the balance will carry forward to combine with future earned Kohl’s Cash if/until the incremental $5 Kohl’s Cash coupon activation threshold is met (if the balance remains below $5, it will expire 12 months after it is earned). Every Day Earn Kohl’s Cash is incremental to Kohl’s Cash earned during an Earn Event, if applicable. Qualifying Purchase(s) are calculated after all discounts are applied, before shipping, fees or tax is imposed and do not include the purchase of gift cards. REDEMPTION: Each Kohl’s Cash coupon can be redeemed only during its stated redeem window. Redeem windows may vary in frequency and duration. Kohl’s Cash® coupons and other dollar-off discounts will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons. Kohl’s Cash® coupon may not be redeemed (1) on purchases of Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise or other charitable items; (2) to purchase Gift Cards; (3) as price adjustments on prior purchases; (4) to reduce a Kohl’s Charge or any third-party charge account balance; or (5) to pay for any services or fees, including taxes and shipping. If merchandise purchased earning a Kohl’s Cash® coupon is subsequently returned or price adjusted, the value of the Kohl’s Cash® previously earned and/or the amount of the merchandise refund will be reduced to reflect any unearned value. Return value of merchandise purchased with a Kohl’s Cash® coupon may be subject to adjustment. Coupon is nontransferable. For details, terms, and to enroll in Kohl’s Rewards, visit kohls.com/kohlsrewards or see an associate. Kohl’s Charge is issued by Capital One, N.A. Subject to credit approval. Capital One is not a party to the Kohl’s Rewards Member Agreement.

Kohl’s Cash Earn Based on Member Type

Only Rewards Members earn Kohl’s Cash every day on every purchase.

Purchase Amount Total earn amount for Rewards Members
$50 $2.50
$100 $5
$150 $7.50
$200 $10
$250 $12.50