the new and improved

Kohls Pay

Automatically Save + Pay with one scan using the new and improved Kohl’s Pay. Quickly select all your offers, rewards and Kohl’s Cash® and apply with just once scan.

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Getting Started

Open the Kohl's App and tap "Kohl's Pay" in the menu.

Then, just follow the instructions to securely verify your Kohl's Charge.

No Kohl’s Charge? No problem! Just complete the payment with the associate at time of checkout.

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Save + Pay. It’s easy!


Select any offers or Kohl’s Cash® you want to apply. Kohl’s Pay will bring them up from your Wallet.


Provide the QR code to the associate to scan.


Your Kohl’s Charge will automatically be charged if linked with Kohl’s Pay. No Kohl’s Charge? Just complete your payment at the register. You’re all done!