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    Women's Fleet Street Tailored Long Coat

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    Women's London Fog Scarf & Wool Blend Coat

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    Plus Size TOWER by London Fog Scarf & Wool-Blend Peacoat

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    Women's Fleet Street Double-Breasted Peacoat

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    Women's Excelled Military Wool Blend Peacoat

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    Plus Size London Fog Wool Blend Dress Coat

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Peacoats for Women

Classical Peacoats

Evoking true navy classicalism, the peacoat is the perfect outerwear to finish off your favorite cold weather outfits. Paired properly, you can radiate casual coolness or rugged luxury! These coats are heavier than what you would see in modern styles, and feature a mostly wool construction to ensure warmth. Clothing may have evolved significantly over the past few centuries, but the peacoat has largely stayed true to its roots.

Classical peacoats have striking features that are often used in other modern coat styles. The double-breasted front can give your outfit an elevated sense of style. They tend to sport a waist to thigh length for you to show off your favorite skirt or bottoms. Large front buttons can give the coat a restrained sense of flair. Most classical designs feature a large collar with notched lapels to command attention. You've probably heard to never pop your collar, but with peacoats, it's okay! The oversized collars are designed to protect your neck from the biting wind that comes with colder months. Slit pockets are both fashionable and easy to slip your hands into when they get cold.

Modern Peacoats

The overall silhouette for this style has gone unchanged, but like most fashion, there have been some changes. Originally, the coat was larger and more of a box shape, to facilitate movement. Today, the coats tend to be tapered in the waist and shoulders, to accommodate more body types. However, when simply tapering the cut wasn't enough, single-breasted designs emerged to bridge the gap between body types.

The typical peacoat has a large collar. But if you're looking for a chic, sophisticated look, consider one with a shawl collar and flared waist.

What about something specifically casual? Some recent iterations on the style merge these coats with the practicality of the hood. The silhouette is more reminiscent of fall or spring hooded sweatshirt, yet it maintains the large buttons and a single-breasted front. And don't worry, they're plenty durable too.

Colors and Occasions

Most of the time, you'll see black and navy blue coats on the street. These tend to pair nicely with the business professional clothing underneath. The two colors are also the standard set by history, but as with all fashion, rules are meant to be broken!

Sometimes, black or navy blue are too muted and will clash with your outfit. Kohl's has you covered! Need red? What about cabernet, fuschia, or royal purple? Tan and gray? Yes, even striped and plaid. There's a coat out there for every outfit, you just have to choose!

If you've landed on a color that suits your fancy, where do you plan to wear it? Luckily, the peacoat is ubiquitous. Feel like wearing your favorite winter dress? Pick a dark coat. If it's a plain white tee and jeans day, make a statement with a red one. From business to casual dress, the peacoat is fit for almost any occasion.

What About Suits?

Peacoats don't match well with suits. Business casual (sans blazer) still works with a peacoat, but when pairing one with a blazer or suit jacket, things get complicated. The length of the peacoat will often be a touch shorter than the suit jacket or blazer. So, when you're rockin' business professional attire, consider buying a longer coat.

Trench coats offer a looser fit than a peacoat. They may not be as warm, but they exude style. Where peacoats tend to stick to a specific style, even with it's modern innovations, trench coats feature far more aesthetic flourishes. Varying lengths, materials, waist ties, and hoods can accommodate many body types, and heighten the style of most business professional outfits.