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Give yourself a hairstyle that will get attention wherever you go by using pomade and other hair products found at Kohl’s! Pomade is a product that is making a comeback, as old-school hairstyles like slick-backs and side-parts have also made a return to the popular consciousness.

Kohl’s offers several styles of pomades, each offering various levels of hold and shine that give you the look you’re going for. No matter what hair products you’re looking for, Kohl’s is the place to find them!

What is Pomade?

Pomade is an oil-based or water-based product that is made for those looking for slick and tight hairstyles. Pomades differ from other products like gel or pastes, as they do not harden, and are not dry and thick, meaning they won’t give off a messy matte look.

What is the Difference Between Oil- & Water-Based Pomades?

Oil-based pomades are the most traditional form of pomade, and most modern oil pomades are very similar to the pomades made almost a century ago. Oil-based hair pomades are notoriously difficult to wash out of your hair with generic shampoos. This is because oil-based pomades are designed to be built up in the hair to offer a constant, consistent hold, use after use. Essentially, the point of oil-based pomades is to keep a level of pomade in your hair at all times that allows you to keep your hair styled and shiny each and every day.

On the other hand, water-based pomades are easily cleaned out of the hair, allowing for the easy changing of hairstyles as you desire. This makes water-based pomades good for those just starting out in the pomade game, as water-based products still offer a strong hold and different levels of shine, but don’t have the permanence of oil-based products. Water-based pomades have the tendency to dry quickly, leaving hair crispy and stiff. The desire for this feel is a personal one, although this result makes water-based pomades ideal for use when looking to create a comb-over or a side-part.

Tips for Starting Out with Pomade

The easiest and most efficient way to dive into hair pomades and how best to add them to your routine is to ask your hairstylist for a sample the next time you get your haircut. Since they are an expert in the field, a stylist is the perfect person to ask when it comes to getting recommendations on products to use in your hair.

When you do start to use pomade in your hair, notice the strength of the hold, what the finish looks like, and how it affects your hair and scalp (for example, does it dry out your scalp, or leave your hair too shiny or too dull?).

When you feel more comfortable using pomade, be sure to shop Kohl’s to find the hair product that’s right for you!