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    Ring Flood/Freeze Sensor 2-Pack

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    Ring Smoke/CO Listener 2-Pack

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    Ring Flood/Freeze Sensor

  • Reg. $34.99

    Ring Smoke/CO Listener

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    Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor Battery

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    Amped Wireless Outdoor Smart Plug

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    Ring Smart Lighting Outdoor Smart Plug

Smart Sensors & Switches

Are you a tech-savvy person, interested in equipping your home with the most up-to-date products that will reduce your energy bill, all while making your life more efficient? Check out our complete assortment of smart home light sensors and switches, and you'll be on your way to finding the most advanced items you need to keep your home connected and illuminated properly 24/7!

Some of the most popular smart sensor and switch items are Ring and GE C-Smart products. These smart lighting items allow you to always ensure lights are on in the rooms you need them to be, and off in areas that are unoccupied!

Types of Smart Lighting Sensors & Switches

If you're just entering the smart home electronics market, you might be curious what items are actually out there. Well, you've come to the right place to find out more information!

Smart home sensors and switches, first of all, are devices that make your home more energy efficient. These devices work along with your other smart products (smartphones, smart TVs, etc.), giving you added control over the lighting of your home.

The most popular products in the area of smart lighting are Ring smart sensor items. These products offer unmatched connectivity, as well as easy-to-use features that make home illumination a breeze.

Connecting your Ring smart light to your Smart Lighting Bridge gives you the option to instruct the device to operate in countless ways, allowing you to use it specifically for your needs. From floodlights to small walkway step lights, your home is sure to be covered.

And be sure to add in additional sensors for even more coverage and versatility throughout your entire property!

Smart Switch

Another product that is sure to be of interest when it comes to home automation is smart light switches. These items allow you to easily control the specific lights in your home via a smartphone app, so you can turn lights on and off remotely.

Along with built-in motion sensors and timers, smart switches are ideal for any connected home!

Smart Camera

Another device that is always connected and also keeps you and your family safe is a smart security camera system. Again, these products are designed to work with your home's voice assistant and your smartphone, allowing you to keep tabs on your abode even when you are away. Smart cameras record video, allow you to communicate with a visitor if needed, and even provide features like motion detection and night vision.

Smart Thermostat

To make your home even smarter, add in smart thermostats. These items easily sync with your voice assistant or even your personal cell phone, allowing you to control your home's climate with a press of a button or a simple phrase.

Smart Lighting

If that's not enough, you can also outfit your home with smart lighting products! Smart plugs and switches work along with apps and voice assistants to make illuminating your living space a breeze. These items also help cut down on your energy bill, allowing you to turn off lights you may have accidentally left on - even after you head out for the evening!

Some other smart devices to check out include smart video doorbells, wireless networking products, smart door locks, and more!

WIth all these tech-centric items at your disposal, smart home sensors and switches will make your house the most connected on the block!

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