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    Hammer & Axe XL Ice Cube Tray

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    Hammer & Axe Ice Mold 2 Sphere

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    NutriChef Portable Kitchen Countertop Ice Cube Maker & Water Dispenser Machine

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    Whiskey Glass & Wedge Ice Form Set

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    Tovolo King Cube Silicone Ice Tray

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    Artland Metal Ice Bucket

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    Flavor Freeze Infused Ice Cube Molds

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    Hammer & Axe Whiskey Stones

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    Tovolo 2-pc. Leak-Free Tennis Ball Ice Mold Set

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    Tovolo 2-pc. Leak-Free Stacked Rocks Ice Mold Set

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    Tovolo 2-pc. Leak-Free Basketball Ice Mold Set

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    Protocol Cool Heads 3D Skull Ice Cube Mold

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    Tovolo 4-pc. Twin Pop Mold Set

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    Old Dutch Hammered Copper Ice Bucket

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    Naughty & Ice Christmas Tree Ice Mold

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    Protocol Biting Cold Teeth Ice Cube Tray

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    Star Wars Death Star Ice Mold by ICUP

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    OXO Good Grips 2-piece Ice Cube Tray Set

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    Joseph Joseph QuickSnap Ice Tray

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    12.25 Inch Etched Glass Ice Bucket with Polished Silver Tongs

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    OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Stick Tray

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    Sterilite BPA Free Flexible Stacking Home Ice Cube Mold Tray, White (1 Pack)

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    Trimaco 2 Pack 1 Gallon Nylon Strainers 11522

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    8.5 Inch Hide Wine Bucket w/ Ring Handles

Ice Buckets & Molds

Keep drinks cool with ease, using ice buckets, molds, and other bar essentials from Kohl’s! Ice buckets and molds are must-haves for any at-home bar, and Kohl’s offers plenty of options of these items to choose from. So complete your home bar collection with a brand new ice bucket from Kohl’s, and get ready to host parties for friends and family with ease!

Factors to Look for When Purchasing an Ice Bucket

One thing to consider when shopping for an ice bucket is the material it’s made of. Stainless steel is likely the most popular and readily available ice bucket type. It is resistant against corrosion, will not break easily if dropped, and also offers timeless style and appeal. You will need to clean the stainless steel frequently, keeping it polished and looking great.

Ice buckets can also be found made of acrylic, plastic, metal, and other material types. It mostly comes down to the look of the bucket, as all tend to offer similar abilities and features.

That said, there are also insulated ice buckets available. Some ice buckets offer double or even triple layers of insulation, which not only keep the ice inside cold, but also prevents condensation from occurring on the bucket’s outer layer, protecting that surface as well.

Ice Bucket Styles

While ice buckets are specifically designed to keep ice cubes cold and ready to go when entertaining, they also provide a style and can enhance the look of your at-home bar. Depending on the look you’re going for, there’s a bucket that can get the job done!

Metal often gives a classic, upscale look. Choose this material if you want a look that gives off a mid-century modern vibe that’s straight out of “Mad Men”.

If you want more of a classic country look or a farmhouse chic vibe, look for woven ice buckets. The woven materials will likely also be treated to prevent water damage.

You may also find buckets made of plastic, acrylic, and vinyl. These often come in contemporary styles, colors, and shapes, and work well in sleek or casual entertaining areas.

Ice buckets made of glass are perhaps the most versatile options as they can also be used as flower vases and other containers. As they don’t really provide a color of their own, they fit right in with any design scheme.

Ice Molds

With the appropriate ice bucket picked out, you now need to find ice molds that will help make the cubes to fill the bucket with!

Ice cubes come in really any shape and size, and ice molds are available to make ice cubes of any style. When searching for the right mold, consider the benefit of certain shapes of ice cubes.

A sphere ice cube exposes less surface area than a cube of ice. The less surface area that is exposed to the liquid, the slower the ice will melt. Therefore, a sphere of ice will melt more slowly in a drink than a standard ice cube. Spherical ice cubes keep drinks colder, and won’t dilute the drink nearly as fast.

You can find ice molds in a variety of novelty shapes as well, like golf balls, dogs, skulls, and more, adding some personality to your beverage service.

Ice buckets and molds from Kohl’s allow you to entertain at home with ease! Keep your drinks cold and refreshing when having people over for a dinner party, holiday get-together, or any other event with ice buckets and molds! And don't forget to pick up other at-home bar essentials, like glassware, wine racks, and bar tools!