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French Press Coffee Makers

Why they're great

The filterless design of a classic French press leaves essential oils in the final coffee product, ultimately allowing a more full, fresh and complex flavor.

How they work

Add coarsely ground coffee to the pot and pour in the hot water, letting it completely and evenly saturate the grounds. Cover the pot and let it stand for four minutes. Then slowly push down on the press to work the grounds to the bottom.

Brew Tip: When using a French press, the beans should be very coarsely ground; too fine a grind can result in a muddy brew.

Benefits of French Press Coffee Makers

The biggest advantage French press makers have to offer is that they allow users to make a personalized cup of coffee that suits their own individual taste. Users can vary the amount of time that coffee grounds are steeped, the type and size of grounds used, the temperature of the water, and other variables that can alter the flavor of the coffee. This allows a personalized cup of joe that's made exactly to your own specifications.

Another advantage to the French press is that it retains more of the natural oils from the coffee grounds. Because a French press does not use a filter like a drip coffee machine does, the natural flavor of the coffee grounds is not filtered out and goes directly into your cup of coffee.

One other benefit of a French press is its portability. Because it does not rely on electricity, and its size is generally quite small, a French press can easily be packed away and taken with you on camping adventures, road trips, or wherever your life takes you! 

Other types of Coffee Makers

French Presses from Kohl's are sure to brew up the fuel you need to take on the day! Find all your home and kitchen essentials at Kohl's, and get ready to create a space you'll lov