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    Northlight Nativity Scene Figure Christmas Decor 8-piece Set

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    Kurt Adler Nativity Scene Christmas Table Decor 11-piece Set

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    Precious Moments Peace On Earth Christmas Ornament

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    Kurt Adler Holy Family & Angel Christmas Table Decor

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    Kurt Adler Nativity Scene Christmas Table Decor


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Nativity Sets

Create a new tradition at your home this holiday season with a new nativity set from Kohl’s! Nativity sets are a popular Christmastime decoration, and can be incorporated into both your indoor and outdoor holiday decorative displays. There are many nativity set options available, so you’re sure to find one that fits into your home with ease!

Shop Kohl’s for all your holiday decor, including Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, stockings, frames, wall decor, and so much more! No matter what you’re looking for, Kohl’s is your destination for holiday decor that will make the season holly, jolly, and bright!

What is a Nativity Set?

The nativity scene, which is decorated in homes at Christmas every year, is an exhibition of figures that represent the scene of the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. A nativity scene takes its inspiration from the accounts of the birth of Jesus as written in the Gospels.

A nativity set typically includes the baby Jesus, his mother Mary, and Mary’s husband Joseph - known collectively as The Holy Family - at the very least. The wise men, who followed a star to find the baby, are also often included, as well as an angel, shepherds, and even some animals like cows, sheep, and donkeys.

Nativity sets are typically staged in a display stable in which Jesus was born, according to the Bible. In some cases, the stable might be separate from the rest of the set, while in other options the figures and the stable might be one complete piece that cannot be separated.

Setting Up a Nativity Set

If you’re setting up a nativity scene inside your home, it’s common practice to place the scene underneath the Christmas tree or on a dedicated table that is in the living room, dining room, or another high-traffic space in the home.

The first step is to place the stable (if it’s a separate piece) front and center of where your nativity scene will be displayed.

The manger and baby Jesus should be placed front and center of the stable. Some people choose to place the baby in the set right when the nativity scene is first installed, while others may wait to place Jesus in the scene until Christmas Eve, which is the traditional time of His birth.

Mary and Joseph are placed next, and are usually positioned right next to the manger and the baby. If you have both shepherds and wise men, place them in groups near the scene. The wise men also may be kept out of the scene until the Epiphany, a holiday which occurs in most Christan denominations on January 6.

Animals can be placed as desired around the set, but sheep or lambs might look the best placed near the shepherds!

Outdoor nativity sets feature many of the same figures and pieces as indoor sets. However, the pieces of the set are built as such to be able to handle potentially dramatic winter weather! Some nativity sets for outdoor use are made of plastic, while others might be made of treated wood. Outdoor sets may feature detailed figures, while other options might just offer silhouettes of the individuals involved in the story.

No matter which you choose, you’ll want to take some things into account when setting up your outdoor nativity. Choosing the right location is key, as you likely want your nativity to be seen! Due to this, you may want it set up right square in the middle of your yard or in a prominent place in front of your home.

That said, measure the available space in your yard so you know how large your nativity set can be, without it looking too big or too small. And don’t forget to measure height, too, as this will also come into play.

If the ground will be frozen or snow covered when you're setting up your nativity set, go with a scene that features heavier pieces that don't require embedding a support pole into the ground.

Illumination is an important part of outdoor Christmas decor. The same holds true with nativity sets! Some options come with embedded lighting, so be sure to set your display up near an electrical outlet. If the set does not contain incorporated lighting, you can add spotlights to illuminate your scene at night.

Storing Nativity Sets

After the Christmas season is over, you’ll want to be sure to store your nativity set safely and securely so it can be used year after year! If you’re storing your indoor set, it’s best to keep the box that the nativity came in and place the pieces back in their designated spots. The box will likely include protective cushioning to protect the pieces in storage.

For an outdoor set, make sure each piece of the nativity set is dry before storing. Also, remove light bulbs and extension cords connected to the pieces in the set. If the figures are being stored in an outdoor location such as a shed or a garage, wrap them in a tarp to keep them dry. If your nativity set is made of wood, stack the pieces with a protective layer like a blanket or cardboard between each item.

With a brand new nativity set from Kohl’s, you’re all set to celebrate the holiday season with traditional decor!