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    Women's Nina Leonard Scallop Trim Bolero

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    Women's Nina Leonard Chevron Stitch Bolero Cardigan

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    Women's Nina Leonard Open-Weave Knit Bolero

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    Women's Nina Leonard Floral Embroidered Mesh Long Bolero

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    Women's Nina Leonard Chain-Detail Crop Bolero

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    Juniors' Disney's Aladdin Genie Shrug Vintage Style Tank Top

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    Juniors' Disney's Aladdin Genie Shrug Vintage Style Fleece Sweatshirt

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Cropped Cardigans for Women

When you're shopping for cardigans, you'll find that they come in all sorts of comfy cuts and lengths. Some will be long and button-up, others will be the length of a shirt and lay open. Just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean that your style should also decline. At Kohl’s, you’ll find the perfect cropped cardigans and sweaters designed to keep you warm during the changing seasons. Shop a variety of styles including lace cropped cardigans, tie front sweaters, and so much more. No matter the occasion, you’ll be dressed to impress everywhere you go!

How to Style Your Cropped Cardigan

What sets a cardigan apart from another type of sweater is its functionality. While other sweaters are usually pullovers, cardigans feature buttons and zippers, or an open front. This is what unlocks the versatility to take your outfit further than it could before. Now, this by no means discounts sweaters as a valid option. Often times sweaters with a fashionable pair of jeans are the answer. Cardigans often act as an accent piece for your outfits, while sweaters are an integral part. Styling your outfit with a cardigan is surprisingly easy. Simply match your colors and go! If you want to get more technical about it though, there's a lot that can go into making your cardigan really work for your look.

In general, short sweaters are great for dresses with an open back you need to cover while at work (or if you get cold). Alternatively, other types of women’s cardigans are excellent at creating elegance while wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt combo. Long sleeve and long length cardigans are the usual go-to for adding to an outfit. They're comfy and flowy which tends to give you a more flowing and free look. This is ideal for casual and business casual looks alike. Pairing these with earrings or rings will give you a little flair to draw the eyes to your face or hands.

Other Trends to Try Out for Yourself

Cropped T-shirts

If you’re looking for the perfect new addition to your wardrobe, women’s cropped tops and tees will give any outfit some warm-weather style. Cropped tops are cut short at the bottom hem, keeping part of the midriff exposed. This style is great for hitting the beach, summer parties, and a variety of other fun occasions.

Smock Dresses

Smock dresses are made with gathered, stretchable fabric. This playful style is an absolute favorite during the spring and summertime, but it can also be worn during the cooler months as well. By simply adding a cardigan or knee-length boots, you can continue to flaunt your unique sense of style throughout the changing seasons. Keep things simple with a smocked bodice dress, or go full-on chic in a midi- or maxi-length dress. However you like your smock, you’ll achieve an unmatchable, on-trend look.

Balloon Sleeve Tops

Not to be confused with flounce or ruffle sleeves, balloon sleeve tops are all about extra puff and volume but with a fitted cuff. This style adds a nice touch of drama that’s both practical and flattering. Long sleeve balloon tops can help balance out your bottom curves or draw attention to your upper body. Conversely, short sleeve puff sleeves amp up your proportions for unique styling. No matter which length you choose, you’re sure to achieve a freshly feminine look.

Cropped Hoodies

When the temperature drops, there’s no better garment to pull out than a hoodie. Hoodies are comfortable, warm, and soft. But what really sets them apart is the fact that they’re fashionable. Cropped hoodies offer a little something extra that no other garment can: enhanced versatility. When worn with high-rise jeans or leggings, you’ll create a casual look that you’re sure to love.

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