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Food Network Recipes

Plan a week, or even a month's, worth of family meals with these Food Network recipes. Find everything from appetizers and desserts to main courses and sides. Search by meal type (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or explore the "Quick" section for fast meals that can feed the whole family. If you need a little inspiration tonight or every night, Kohl's can help with these delicious Food Network recipes.

Discover breakfast recipes that are easy on prep work for those mornings when you need an extra coffee cup before you do any chopping or thinking. Take a look at the Food Network's chicken recipes for easy and nutritious dinner ideas. Explore soups, stews and chili recipes for ways to use up leftovers or extra ingredients taking up space in the fridge. Make meals everyone will love with kid-friendly noodles and sandwiches, and save the cookie recipes for easy-to-follow instructions that will result in picture-perfect goodies. From Food Network pots and pans to cooking utensils, easlily find the tools and recipies you need to craft the perfect meal.

No matter what you feel like making or your family feels like eating, Kohl's and Food Network recipes can help you plan and execute delightful meals for family dinners, special occasions or even date night.