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    Women's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Floral OX Sneakers

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    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leopard Glitter Women's Sneakers

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Yellow Converse Shoes

The color yellow represents freshness, energy, and happiness. If you’re looking for an underrated shoe color to add to your collection, then yellow is the way to go. As a renowned staple of casual wear, it's no secret that a pair of yellow Converse shoes look great with a wide variety of outfits. Converse shoes have always been made for anyone and everyone with designs that incorporate comfort. And when it comes to style and performance, Kohl's has the Converse footwear to give you the best of both worlds.

What's the difference between 'High-Tops' and 'Low-Tops'?

When you think of Converse, you probably think of their "All Stars" brand. These are the 20th-century basketball shoe turned retro staple. They feature canvas construction, the star badge on the side, and a high-top upper. For many years these were the shoes that Converse built its empire on. Today, things have changed. The All Stars and subsequent Chuck Taylors are just a small part of the Converse line-up.

One of the simple iterations that came from the high-top All Star/Chuck Taylor is the low-top. Fashioned after a typical loafer, these shoes leave behind the tall canvas upper, for an upper that hugs the heel. Variations of the low-top feature the narrow Chuck Taylor staple, to be a callback to the original All Stars. However, there are styles that closely resemble modern skater shoes, with a slightly raised tongue and throat line.

Other Converse Essentials

Our assortment of Converse shoes is available in a plethora of other popular colorways like white, red, pink, and blue, so you can match your next pair to your personal style. With Converse shoes from Kohl's, you'll add that perfect classic look that's ideal for your everyday wardrobe. Once you’ve found Converse shoes for every member of your family, be sure to stock up on other essentials like Converse clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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