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    Peter Grimm Sebastian Life Guard Oversized Straw Sun Hat

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Straw Hats for Women

Women’s straw hats are extremely elegant, versatile, and can be worn almost year-round. They have a long history as one of the world's most popular hat styles, as it was commonly worn by farmers and other outdoor workers to keep cool in the sun. Even if you’re not a “hat person,” they’re more than just functional accessories that protect against the sun. There are so many complimentary styles that can elevate your wardrobe to new heights. With our straw hat collection, you can find the perfect hat for any casual spring or summer outfit!

Are Women’s Straw Hats in Style?

Straw hats are a staple that doesn’t show any signs of going out of style. Featuring various types of straw and weave patterns, straw hats for women have been a warm-weather fashion staple for decades. Straw hats of any kind can brighten your day and keep the feeling of freedom flowing. Their natural coloration and wide styling options make them incredibly versatile and customizable accessories. Look for hats featuring a thin ribbon that blends in perfectly with its color or another style that truly makes you stand out.

Types of Straw Hats

We have many variations of the typical straw styles here including floppy sun hats, wide brims, short-back straw sun hats, as well as packable sun visors for the pool and sun protection. But among them, one of the most popular styles is a wide-brimmed hat. Next, floppy hats have adapted to today's modern wearer, blending seamlessly with a women's sundress and wedge sandals. No matter what style you choose, their intricate patterns and lightweight composition make straw the ideal material for warm weather.

When to Wear a Straw Hat

Although straw hats can be worn throughout the changing seasons, we recommend wearing them during the spring and summertime for additional shade and UV protection. It'll complement all of your warm-weather outfits, from linen pants and floral summer dresses to even denim shorts. If you’re headed to a relaxing day at the beach, be sure to top off your swimsuit with a Panama straw hat. Or, you can wear a tweed floppy hat to your 4th of July outdoor celebration with a romper or jumpsuit and fashion sneakers.

How to Clean & Care for a Straw Hat

Every type of straw has a different level of durability and water resistance, so it’s important to read the hat care label for any specific cleaning requirements. However, if your hat doesn’t have care instructions, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep straw hats well brushed and they will be damaged less if caught in the rain.
  • A thorough washing by hand once or twice a year will keep your straw hat in good condition.
  • You can clean most straw hats with water, a cloth, and a mild cleaning solution.
  • If your hat loses its shape when wet, skip the water and use a vacuum and soft brush instead.

Few summer accessories offer as much sun protection and chic style as our assortment of women's sun hats. Shop Kohl’s to get yours today!