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Relic Handbags

Every woman needs a durable, stylish, and functional handbag to add to their everyday ensemble. One of the most practical and fashion-forward handbag options is the bucket bag. Known for their simple design and roomy interior, bucket bags are an on-trend accessory that can transform your look with ease!

Styles of Women’s Relic Handbags

Relic offers purses and handbags in many different designs and styles. One of those styles is the bucket bag. Bucket bags have one main, easy-to-spot characteristic: the tote-like interior. With a wide opening and lots of space for essentials, you can carry around your must-have items in your bucket bag with ease and style.

Bucket bags also tend to feature drawstring closures, as well as interior pockets for extra storage. When it comes to carrying, bucket bags may have a shoulder strap for crossbody wear, but can also include handles that allow for grasping by the hand. Whichever option you choose is completely up to you!

The bottoms of bucket bags have a flat design that tends to be round or oval in shape. The flat bottom allows the bucket bag to sit upright without falling over and spilling its contents.

In addition to women’s bucket bags, you’ll find other versatile and elegant Relic purses designed to help you take everything with you in style.

From satchels and totes to shoulder bags and backpacks, you'll find a range of styles and sizes to complete your look. A women's satchel is a great choice for organization because they're spacious enough to compartmentalize your belongings without losing its shape.

Alternatively, Relic backpack purses provide the perfect means to stow your belongings in a stylish way. You'll admire the adjustable shoulder straps for added carrying convenience. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match any outfit you wear.

And while some women prefer carrying a bag on their wrist or shoulder, others prefer to hold on to a clutch purse or place it under their arm. If you want to avoid the hassle of searching around for items in a large handbag, then smaller clutch bags are an easier way to remain organized. Additionally, you'll love having the option to change from a clutch to a shoulder bag by adding a strap to the loopholes on the purse.

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