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  • Reg. $46.00

    Oh La La Cheri Valentine Soft Cup Lace Babydoll & G-String Set 2139

  • Reg. $49.00

    Plus Size Oh La La Cheri Valentine Soft Cup Lace Babydoll & G-String Set 2139X

  • $39.00 - $52.00
    Reg. $49.00 - $52.00

    Women's Jezebel Muse Satin Chemise

  • sale $33.60
    Reg. $48.00

    Women's Flora by Flora Nikrooz Kat Lace Racerback Chemise

  • Reg. $48.00

    Parfait Bra: Jeanie Full-Figure Plunge Bra 4801

  • Reg. $49.00

    Oh La La Cheri Provence Eyelash Lace Robe & G-String Set 94-11136

  • sale $40.60
    Reg. $58.00

    Women's Flora by Flora Nikrooz Bellflower Babydoll Chemise & Panty Pajama Set

  • Reg. $45.50

    Lunaire Lace Babydoll & Panty Lingerie Set 4214K

  • Reg. $48.00

    Carnival Bras: Lace Low Plunge Strapless Longline Bra 213

  • Reg. $32.00

    Oh La La Cheri Sydney Tulle Wide-Sleeve Satin-Sash Robe 94-11174

  • Reg. $52.00

    Plus Size Oh La La Cheri Provence Eyelash Lace Robe & G-String Set 94-11136X

  • Reg. $52.00

    Women's Jezebel Muse Satin Chemise

  • Reg. $48.00

    Carnival Bras: Low Plunge Strapless Longline Bra 237

  • Reg. $18.00

    Jezebel Caress Too Lace Garter Belt 40533 - Women's


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Valentine's Day Lingerie

Find the perfect gift for that special someone by selecting alluring Valentine’s Day lingerie from the assortment available at Kohl’s! Lingerie makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day, as it shows your loved one how much you care and how you want to make the holiday extra special!

Shop Kohl’s for all your Valentine’s Day gifting needs, including a variety of sensual lingerie options that are perfect for the occasion! You can also find other Valentine’s gift options your significant other will enjoy, like jewelry, electronics, small appliances, and accessories. Kohl’s is sure to be your Valentine’s Day gifting headquarters each and every year!

How to Buy Lingerie as a Valentine’s Day Gift

If you’re looking to give lingerie as a gift this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to take some factors into consideration to ensure your gift-giving experience goes off without a hitch!

First, ensure you know exactly what size your special someone wears. Gain this information by checking other items while doing laundry, so you can obtain these details without giving away the secret!

At the same time, use this opportunity to see the styles and looks of lingerie your loved one likes to wear. You can check out the brands, the detailing, and other features of the lingerie, so that the gift you select matches the specific style she gravitates towards.

As for actually doing the shopping, consider whether or not you want to order your gift online. If you shop websites for the gift, make sure your sizes are accurate, and check the description and reviews to see if others might suggest ordering a size up or down.

If you’re heading into a store to get the Valentine’s Day surprise, then be sure you know the style and look of the item or items you are searching for, as well as the sizing, and don’t be afraid to ask an associate for assistance!

Here are some other “Dos & Don’ts” of shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift of lingerie:

  • Do take into consideration your thoughts on the gift you choose, too! You’ll want to be sure it’s something you like as well, so you both get benefits from the item or items chosen!
  • Don’t choose lingerie in a style or look that’s vastly different from what your partner normally wears. Choosing an extreme option that’s a departure from the norm might sound like a fun way to spice things up, but it could also lead to both you and your partner feeling uncomfortable. Stick with styles that she loves to ensure your gift achieves its desired effect!
  • Do your homework. This is a repeat of info from before, but needs to be said again! Check your partner’s existing lingerie for sizing. Browse online to get to know the various styles and looks of lingerie. And again, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get advice from a store associate if you need help. At the end of the day, you know your partner the best, and should take all the information you have and be able to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift of lingerie with ease!

Shop Kohl’s for Valentine’s Day gifts of all kinds, including a vast array of seductive, flirtatious lingerie that will make the occasion even more memorable! Find options including chemises, babydoll and panty sets, robes, bras, and lots more. With plenty of sexy selections to consider, Kohl’s is your destination for Valentine’s Day lingerie that makes an ideal gift!