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  • Reg. $75.00

    Tretorn Nylite Women's Sneakers

  • Reg. $44.99 - $47.99

    LAMO Vita Women's Slip-On Sneakers

  • Reg. $34.99 - $40.00

    Gotta Flurt Classic II Women's Dance Shoes

  • Reg. $44.99

    British Knights Vulture 2 Women's Sneakers

  • Reg. $47.99

    LAMO Carey Women's Espadrille Sneakers

  • Reg. $39.99

    sugar Festival Women's Sneakers

  • Reg. $69.99

    Womens Gloria Vanderbilt Franklin Open Toe Espadrille Wedge

  • Original $69.99

    Vans® Ward Hi Women's Platform Shoes

  • Reg. $44.99

    British Knights Condor Women's Slip-On Sneakers

  • Reg. $39.99

    sugar Forever Women's Slip-On Sneakers

  • Reg. $89.99

    SOUL Naturalizer Taffy Women's High Top Sneakers

  • Reg. $55.00

    Guy Harvey Pacific Women's Sneakers

  • Reg. $65.00

    Women's Eastland Boston Red Sox Sunset Boat Shoes

  • Reg. $65.00

    Women's Eastland Detroit Tigers Sunset Boat Shoes

  • Reg. $65.00

    Eastland St. Louis Cardinals Sunset Boat Shoes - Women's

  • Reg. $65.00

    Women's Eastland San Francisco Giants Sunset Boat Shoes

  • Reg. $65.00

    Women's Eastland Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Sunset Boat Shoes

  • Reg. $65.00

    Women's Eastland Baltimore Orioles Sunset Boat Shoes

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Canvas Shoes for Women

When you’re looking for casual footwear that looks great and feels comfortable for any occasion, shop the line of women’s canvas sneakers at Kohl’s, and get ready to build a great look from the ground up! With many styles and brands of canvas shoes to choose from, Kohl’s is the place to find all your footwear essentials!

With a wide selection of shoes for the entire family, Kohl’s is sure to be your destination for footwear of all kinds! No matter if you need dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, or athletic shoes, Kohl’s is the place to put your best foot forward in style!

Styles and Brands of Women’s Canvas Shoes

When looking for a new pair of women’s canvas shoes, you’re sure to see a variety of styles you can choose from. With this range of shoe types to peruse, you can feel confident that the perfect pair of shoes can be found!

Possibly the most iconic canvas shoe is the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor sneakers. These shoes are easily identifiable, with their signature circle and star logo. Another icon in the world of canvas footwear is Vans. Their selection of women’s canvas sneakers comes in both high- and low-top varieties for even more versatility.

Other brands that offer canvas shoes for men include household names like Nike, Skechers, adidas, and more. And brands offer additional styles that include boat shoes, sandals, wedges, flats, and many others. No matter what you’re looking for, Kohl’s has the canvas shoes you need!

Cleaning Your Canvas Shoes

Keeping your canvas shoes clean and looking their best is essential to keeping them as part of your everyday look. Not only does cleaning them keep them appearing brand new, it will also ensure they last a long time.

To clean a pair of canvas shoes, first create a mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and one cup of warm water. Use a toothbrush and/or a cloth dipped in the mixture to then scrub the shoes thoroughly. After you’re done scrubbing, brush off any loose, dried residue from the cleaning solution. Allow your shoes to air dry before wearing again.

Other Features of Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are super versatile, which means they can be styled in many different ways. Pair your women’s canvas shoes with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses - essentially any item you have in your closet!

You can even customize your canvas shoes by painting them to feature designs and looks that are uniquely yours! You can find tips and tricks on how to do this online, and it is sure to give you a pair of shoes that will stand out in style!

Shop Kohl’s for all the shoes you and your family need to build comfortable and stylish wardrobes! With many different styles of shoes to choose from, including casual canvas footwear, you’re sure to find the kicks that kick your outfit into high gear!