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    Altavida 12-lb. Faux Mink to Microfiber Weighted Blanket

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    Brookstone Calming Weighted Throw Blanket

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    Altavida Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover

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    Tranquility Weighted Blanket

Black Friday Weighted Blankets Deals

Stress and anxiety are issues that most people face on a day-to-day basis. From stress at work, anxiety about financial concerns and more, many different areas of our world can add tension to an already busy way of life. So it's not surprising that people look for different ways to help ease the stress that occurs naturally as our days and weeks go on. And it's also logical that healthy, simple, and easy stress-management options are readily available and come in many different forms. This makes items like weighted blankets perfect gift ideas for important people in your life, looking for ways to reduce stress and tension. That's especially true during the busy holiday season.

Weighted blankets provide a bit more weight that an average blanket - anywhere from five to 20, even up to 30 pounds. This extra weight is meant to offer the user feelings of comfort, security, and is thought to help provide longer periods of rest that can help alleviate the anxiety one is feeling.

Blanket manufacturers have varying guidelines, but it's generally recommended that an adult use a weighted blanket that is five to 10% of their ideal body weight. For children, it is recommended that the blanket be 10% of their ideal body weight, plus one to two extra pounds. This information should help determine exactly which blanket you should buy.

With many different weighted blanket options available, you're sure to find a great option to give that special someone this holiday season. Be sure to shop all our other Black Friday deals for other present ideas, and find new gifts at every turn!