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Star Wars Toys

Kohl's thinks that you've got a lot of guts coming here, looking for Star Wars toys, LEGOS, puzzles, games, lightsabers and more! Don't worry, even after what you've pulled, like Lando said, it's good to see you! We've got toys and games representing the whole Star Wars story, from The Phantom Menace through The Rise of Skywalker. Whether your prefer the prequels, the original trilogy or the new wave of Star Wars films, these are the games & toys you're looking for: move along to Kohl's and complete your Jedi training with Star Wars games, figures, vehicles, toys and more!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Toys

Celebrate the latest film in the Star Wars universe by using the Force to purchase The Rise of Skywalker toys for the Padawan in your life...wait, that's not how the Force works? Relive moments throughout the entire saga, from A New Hope through The Rise of Skywalker with cool LEGO sets and other toys that provide an opportunity to build a galaxy near, near to your home. The Force is strong with these ones: the Force, the Jedi: it's all true, I mean here. Ok, you get the point: bring balance to the force in your life by scooping up inspiring, engaging toys from Star Wars.

Star Wars Action Figures

Set the scene by reenacting key parts from The Rise of Skywalker and all Star Wars films with fully detailed and poseable Star Wars action figures. Relive the drama and action from the dark side to the light, from Tatooine to the Death Star and back. From Luke and Yoda to Boba Fett and Lord Vader himself, Kohl's has your Star Wars action figures figured. Star Wars figures can be pricey, but Kohl's has altered the deals, with Lando-approved prices and no intention to alter them further.

Star Wars Pretend Play

Let the lightsaber enter your playtime arsenal: it's the toy of a more elegant age, not as clumsy or random as a blaster. Perhaps you have not yet crafted your own lightsaber, but until then, Kohl's will be happy to provide the Jedi's choice for your adventures. Play the part with masks, helmets and costumes custom made for you to feel part of the rebellion, the empire or the first order. Pretend play gets a boost to lightspeed with cool toys from Kohl's!

Star Wars Action Vehicles and Remote Control Toys

Our selection of Star Wars toy vehicles are perfect for those moments when you absolutely must make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Return to Return of the Jedi with vintage craft from Endor and Jabba's crew in Tatooine. If you hate sand because it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere, don't worry: you can bullseye Womp Rats and fly away to join the rebellion in a X-Wing fighter. And this R2 unit has a good motivator: set up the droid lover in your life with an R2-D2 with remote control options.

Star Wars Puzzles & Games

Don't let any more star systems slip through your fingers on rainy days: get smart with Kohl's collection of card games and puzzles from Star Wars episodes I-VIII. Use Jedi Mind tricks to put the pieces together and solve puzzles revealing your favorite characters.