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If you’re searching for new and exciting wall art to put into your home, look no further than the selection of decor from Society6 at Kohl’s! Society6 offers wall art, decor and lifestyle goods made using designs created by independent artists. Each and every Society6 purchase pays an artist directly, so by buying a piece from Society6, you’re supporting the artists themselves!

Shop Kohl’s for all your home decor needs, including wall art, table accents, furniture, window treatments, and more! With lots of decor to choose from, you’re sure to decorate your home with ease and in style, no matter what theme or look you’re going for!

Home Decor Options from Society6

Society6 provides plenty of options of home decor that easily fits into any room of your living space. They also offer lots of decor in a wide range of style themes, like floral, coastal or beach, farmhouse chic, and more.

Within those themes, you can find decor for your whole house. For the living room, look for decorative trays and throw pillows. For the bathroom, find durable and stylish bath mats and shower curtains. In the kitchen, add coffee mugs. A selection of bedding and throw pillows is ideal for your bedroom. And pretty much any room in the home will benefit from the wide range of wall art available!

Shop Kohl’s for all your home decor needs, including trendy and elevated looks from Society6! Find all the decor needed to improve the look of your entire space with ease, all while helping support independent artists. What’s not to love?!?!