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Schmidt Brothers Cutlery & Knife Sets

Whether you’re a world-class cook or an inexperienced chef, it helps to have a rock-solid set of knives in your kitchen. Founded in 2010, Schmidt Brothers combine modern materials with traditional processes and techniques. Dicing, mincing, slicing, and chopping are simple with these high-quality knives. With a flair for cooking and enhancing the quality of classic knives, Schmidt Brothers make beautiful, innovative cutlery and kitchen tools for any chef.

Are Schmidt Brothers Knives Any Good?

All Schmidt Brothers products are engineered using 100% German Steel and FSC-certified sustainable wood. Their premium steel blades are sharpened on both sides to create a thin cutting edge and improved sharpness. These knives are ideal for every kitchen task, whether you’re prepping veggies, cutting into steak hot off the grill, or even carving the holiday roast. With durable strength and precision, you’ll have the blades you need to handle it all in style.

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Options

These ultra-sharp knife sets consist of the Patented Schmidt Brothers Curve® that provides an ideal hand position and leverage to control and guide the knife with ease. You’ll also find that these sets include universal magnetic knife storage with a Midtown Block design that allows you to see the knife you need. The scratch-resistant blade and soft-grip silicone handles are sure to provide a superior cutting experience.

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