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Non-Stick Durable Saute Pans

You don't have to be a master chef to know that a good saute pan is one of your most important pieces of cookware. It's great for things like sauteing, searing and pan-frying. And it also works well to minimize spills when cooking with liquids or making those quick & easy one-pan meals! Kohl's has an amazing assortment with the best brands to get you cooking like a pro!

So what do I need to know? Saute pans come in various sizes. It's most common to see 3 or 5 quart saute pans, but you'll find an entire range out there. You can base your pan size on the size of the meal you typically prepare. Mostly you'll find saute pans with lids but you can always purchase a universal lid later if you need to. For a busy family, stainless steel saute pans are a great option because they're extremely durable and most are dishwasher safe. But easy cleanup won't be an issue if you use non-stick saute pans. Non-stick options are also perfect for when you're trying to reduce cooking with fats or oils. Generally believed to be the crème de la crème is the copper saute pan. This is because copper is an amazing heat conductor. Your copper pan will heat quickly and evenly, giving you the most control over your cooking temperature. A true copper pan will never be non-stick. You can find copper tone non-stick pans but the copper tone is there for aesthetic only.

Kohl's has the best saute pan options for you, non-stick or not!