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    Little Giant PPF5 5 Gallon Capacity Automatic Poultry Waterer for Chickens, Red

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    K&H Pet Clean Flow Water Dispenser with Reservoir - Large

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    Little Giant DBW2 Deep Base Poultry Waterer for Chickens & Birds, Red, 2 Gallon

  • Reg. $72.79

    Little Giant PPF7 7 Gallon Capacity Automatic Poultry Waterer for Chickens, Red

  • Reg. $28.09

    Little Giant 1-Gallon Galvanized Steel Poultry Bucket Waterer w/ Built-In Handle

  • Reg. $31.19

    Little Giant 12-Quart Flexible All-Purpose Rubber Bucket Pail with Steel Handle


Dog & Cat Water Fountains & Filters

Keep your furry friends hydrated with refreshing, cool water by using a dog or cat water fountain from Kohl’s! Our selection of pet water dispensers ensures your animal companion gets plenty of water during the day, and also provides water that is filtered to remove impurities with ease.

Shop Kohl’s for all your pet supply needs, including water dispensers, toys, pet beds, and so much more! With plenty of items for your furry friends, Kohl’s is your destination for everything a pet owner needs!

Features of Pet Water Fountains

The pet water dispensers on the market offer many different features that make them ideal for any pet owner. Having one in your home makes sure that your pet is adequately hydrated all day, and the automatic dispensing design means it’s a pretty hands-off job for you!

Many water fountains for pets offer this automatic refill design, and the fountains offer up to 130 refills per hour, if needed and depending on capacity. You can find water dispensers for large dogs that hold 3.5 gallons of water. At the same time, there are water fountains that are designed for small dogs and cats that hold just over one gallon of water.

Each water dispenser option offers a charcoal filter that keeps unwanted items out of the water, making it safe for your pet to consume. Kohl’s also offers replacement filters for your dispensers, as they should be changed out at least every six months. Keep an eye on the water and look to see if it has debris, a slimy feel, or decreased water flow. This means you need to check and likely replace the filter.

Many pet water dispensers also offer leak-proof design to keep water from splashing on your floor, an agitation system for additional water purification, an included brush to assist with cleaning the fountain, and other attributes that make hydrating your pet a breeze!

Shop Kohl’s for all your pet needs, including feeding and hydration essentials to keep your furry friends feeling great all day long! With pet supplies from Kohl’s, your home is sure to offer all the essentials your fuzzy companion needs to feel like part of the family!