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    Skechers GO GOLF Torque 2 Men's Waterproof Golf Shoes

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    Skechers® GO GOLF Torque Sport Men's Golf Shoes

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    Skechers GO GOLF Max™ Fairway 3 Men's Water Resistant Golf Shoes

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Men’s Golf Shoes

You’ll up your game in style and comfort from tee to green in a pair of men’s golf shoes from Kohl’s! Designed to offer traction as you swing, men’s golf shoes are essential for golfers of all skill levels - from weekend duffers to aspiring tour pros!

Shop Kohl’s and find all your golf apparel and gear needs! Not only do we offer a wide range of men’s golf polos, shorts, pants, hats, and accessories, we also offer training aids, clubs, golf balls, and much more, all created to help you improve your game and lower your scores! With so many golf items to choose from, Kohl’s is sure to be your retailer of choice before heading out to the first tee!

Features of Men’s Golf Shoes

To get the most out of your game, you’ll want to wear a pair of golf shoes on the course. Golf shoes are almost as essential to your game as your clubs or the golf ball you use. They provide the necessary traction and grip as you turn and move through your swing. With this in mind, know that there are two standard types of golf shoes on the market - spiked and spikeless.

Spiked shoes are the more traditional choice, and are also the ones that provide the maximum grip on all kinds of turf conditions. Spiked golf shoes maintain your stability in wet conditions, and are ideal for wearing on a course that features lots of changes in elevation.

Spikeless shoes are the more recent addition to the world of golf footwear, but they have solidified their place by offering modern, athletic looks that have become popular with golfers both young and old. The spikeless design and athletic look allows them to easily be worn on and off the course, and they still provide enough grip to keep you feeling confident in your swing. You may consider wearing spiked shoes when it’s wet or raining, however, as spikeless footwear won’t offer as much traction in those conditions as spiked shoes will.

Be sure to properly care for your golf shoes if you want to keep them as part of your golf wardrobe for years to come. Consider cleaning them after each round, allowing them to dry completely if you played in wet conditions. While it might be easy to just leave the shoes in the trunk of your car, storing them in more adequate, climate-controlled conditions will help them last longer, too.

Other Golf Apparel Essentials to Consider

Once you’re all set at ground level, move on up to the top and consider adding a golf hat to your look. Not only do golf hats provide style, they also keep the sun out of your eyes and your face in the shade. Golf hats are typically seen in the same style as baseball caps. When wearing a baseball-style hat on the course, be sure to always wear it with the brim facing forward, as it is considered to fit the standard etiquette.

You’ll also want to look for socks that will offer additional comfort, as well as a top and bottom that give you the on-course look you’re going for. Be aware that some golf courses (especially private country clubs) have strict dress codes. Check with the club to see if you’ll be required to wear a collared shirt and pants when playing a round at the facility.

Shop Kohl’s for all your men’s golf apparel needs, including golf shoes that will keep your feet happy from the first tee to the 18th green!