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    Adult Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Sneakers

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    Adult Converse All Star Chuck Taylor High-Top Sneakers

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    Men's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Berkshire Sneaker Boots

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    Men's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ultra Sneakers

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    Men's Converse Boulevard Sneakers

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    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street OX Men's Sneakers

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    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Men's Sneakers

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    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Men's Sneakers

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    Adult Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mid-Top Sneakers

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    Men's Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High-Top Sneakers

Converse Shoes for Men

What's the difference between 'High-Tops' and 'Low-Tops'?

When you think of Converse, you probably think of their "All Stars" brand. These are the 20th century basketball shoe turned retro staple. They feature a canvas construction, the star badge on the side, and a high-top upper. For many years these were the shoes that Converse built its empire on. Today, things have changed. The All Stars and subsequent Chuck Taylors are just a small part of the Converse line-up.

One of the simple iterations that came from the high-top All Star/Chuck Taylor is the low-top. Fashioned after a typical loafer, these shoes leave behind the tall canvas upper, for an upper that hugs the heel. Variations of the low-top feature the narrow Chuck Taylor staple, to be a callback to the original All Stars. However, there are styles that closely resemble modern skater shoes, with a slightly raised tongue and throat line.

Converse Designs

Here's a better look at the styles available from converse:


Classic design with an array of colors


Classic design with an array of colors


Styled after more modern shoes


Styled after modern basketball shoes

If you're looking to make a statement, consider the more classic designs. If you're looking to make a loud statement, consider one of the printed All Stars with "converse" written all over. The classic style is still a hit and shouldn't be passed up if you're looking to do something retro.

A more modern shoe is the mid style. These are very similar to casual shoe styles, and are reminiscent of skate shoes. They still feature the classic Chuck Taylor sole and outsole.

For a modern and sporty look, the ultra-mid shoes feature a tall upper that's angled towards the heel. The high back helps with ankle support, and feature high-contrast colors. While far sportier than their classic counterparts, these shoes feature a revision of the sole and outsole.

How to style your Converse

How you style your Converse depends on which shoe you choose. The ultra-mid styles pair best with athletic and athleisure looks. Mids pair best with typical street clothes and a preppier look. Where things get complicated is with the classic nature of the high and low tops. The styles they pair well with overlap, but the colors are the true differentiator for stylings.

Black and White converse are the most compatible for pairing. Consider a more street-oriented look with distressed jeans and a jacket/hoodie. The key with these is to keep your outfit simple. Skip loud colors and allow your wardrobe to stick with black/white, neutral tones, and dark shades of colors.

All black converse can be a bit tricky, but once you know the secret sauce, it's a cinch: go for a punk or bohemian look. Seriously, keep it simple. Tighter pants (yes, even black!) and a plain white tee will go a long way with the black converse. Consider an accessory with attitude and hit the streets. For a more bohemian look, consider a dark, skinny chino, and a short sleeved button up (printed or solid). Another way to wear your all black shoes is to pair them with winter clothing. Darker pants, your favorite coat, and a fashionable scarf.

High-contrast colors are super fun, and require some specific clothing to match. Avoid pairing black and white with these stronger colors. Instead opt for some blue jeans or neutral pants and a colored shirt or sweater.

White Converse are something truly special. While they don't stand out for their eye-catching color, they stand out because they're simply stark. They immediately give off a clean and put together vibe, so style yourself to match. Consider a pair of chinos, a button up, blazer and a tie for an amazing business casual look. Conversely, these pair well with the "weekend" look. Something between business casual and athleisure.

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