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Modern Flannel for the Modern Man

Why flannel?

Flannel is a timeless fabric. It became a part of clothing creation in a time when people needed comfortable and warm fabric that was also affordable. Often associated with North American wilderness, these flannel shirts were a go to for people in colder climates. When fashion became a social standard, the flannel shirt fell by the wayside. Today, after flannel hit it big with the grunge scene, it's found popularity alongside the plaid shirt.

Flannel's overall appeal is that it makes for a far warmer shirt during the cooler months. It's heavier and warmer, which means you don't have to wear as many layers with the right shirt. It also helps that many of the bottoms popular with men today are compatible with the overall flannel aesthetic.

Flannel designs

When it comes to shopping for flannel you have two styles to keep in mind during your search. One is more casual, while the other has some potential to be dressed up, which gives you far more flexibility. These styles are fairly timeless and aren't going to change any time soon. Investing in a few flannel shirts can go a long way when it comes to staying current.

No pattern

You will definitely find some flannel shirts that feature different colors but lack a print. You can tell that these are flannel by touch, and some other visual tells such as slightly raised fibers on the fringes of the silhouette. Normally flannel is a no-go when it comes to wearing it with business dress, but a plain flannel shirt can be easily disguised under a blazer or sports jacket. It should still be passed up when wearing a suit, but for business casual, and non-client facing meetings you're in the clear.

Buffalo check

The buffalo check pattern is one of the most ubiquitous patterns in American fashion. It looks similar to plaid or gingham patterns, but the squares are far bigger. The standard buffalo check is the red on black for a high contrast look. The standard buffalo check is what makes this style of flannel very difficult to dress up. It doesn't really play nice with much else, and when trying to tap into fashion, it basically needs to be the outer shirt. Other varieties also exist, with different colors, but they still have the large, evenly spaced squares.

Styling your flannel

Styling flannel is not hard, you just need to pay attention to the occasion (as mentioned above). Many styles are casual, with a few being viable for business casual. Casual looks tend to either channel the "lumberjack" look, or something more punk. Whichever you go for, remember that you'll likely feel great wearing it.


When it comes to pants you've got a ton of options. Just about anything will do, but if you're going for the lumberjack style consider a pair of boot cut jeans. You'll get a baggier leg to accommodate larger footwear, but you'll certainly accomplish the rugged look. Likewise, if you want to do a more stylized lumberjack, consider a pair of khakis or tighter jeans. Just keep the larger footwear in tact, and you'll be good to go. If you're going for punk, skin tight blue jeans, pants with rips, or black jeans are a good place to start. Wear these with a flannel shirt open, and you're set.


Footwear is a stylistic matter. When it comes to achieving a punk vibe, you'll want to consider either a pair of Converse, or if you're going for old school punk try a pair of combat boots. The punk aesthetic is about rebellion, and mixing and matching disparate styles is one way to do that. If you're going for the lumberjack look, a pair of fashionable boots or work boots will help tie the look together.


When it comes to accessories that go well with flannel, just about anything goes. But if you're interested in a few good options, consider men's bracelets (specifically a leather one), or a more casual watch. If you're feeling like classing it up a few notches, a plain flannel shirt with a dark pair of pants and a ring or two would look pretty cool.