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  • Reg. $54.00

    Men's Scala Grosgrain Wool Felt Fedora

  • Reg. $48.00

    Men's Scala Wool Felt Grosgrain Fedora

  • Reg. $90.00

    Men's Scala Wool Felt English Top Hat

  • Reg. $60.00

    Men's Scala Wool Felt Top Hat

  • Reg. $60.00

    Men's Stacy Adams Wool Felt Fedora With Feather

  • Reg. $48.00

    Men's Stacy Adams Pinch Front Fedora

  • Reg. $54.00

    Men's Stacy Adams Wool Felt Homburg Hat With Feather

  • Reg. $48.00

    Men's Scala Wool Felt Fedora With Feather

  • Reg. $60.00

    Men's Stacy Adams Wool Felt Homburg Hat

  • Reg. $36.00

    Men's Scala Wool Felt Snap-Brim Fedora


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Men’s Black Fedora Hats

Top off any of your timeless, retro-inspired looks with a classic men’s black fedora from Kohl’s! These hats became popular over a hundred years ago, back when men were essentially required to wear a hat in public as part of their everyday look. Most notably, fedoras were a popular choice of everyone from infamous gangsters of the 1920s to crooners like Frank Sinatra in the 1950s and ‘60s. Their appeal still resonates today, and a fedora can make a statement as part of your look!

Shop Kohl’s for all your men’s accessories, including hats in many different colors, styles, and options. You can also find other necessary add-ons to your wardrobe, like belts, gloves, scarves, wallets, and so much more! With plenty of everyday men’s apparel and accessories to choose from, make Kohl’s your first choice for all the essentials that give your look an instant upgrade!

How to Wear a Men’s Fedora Hat

A fedora can fit into a man’s wardrobe in a variety of ways. The initial way to consider is the way it was designed to be worn back in its heyday - as part of an elevated, formal look. This means pairing a fedora with men’s formal attire like a suit and tie. A hat looks great when worn with a sport coat, blazer, or suit jacket. Consider classic colors and hues when opting to wear a fedora, too, as the hat offers an old-school look. Your total wardrobe should be built to match that style.

Take the time of year into consideration, too. Summer and warm months might not be best for wearing a fedora. Instead, since hats are no longer a daily essential, choose cooler times of the year like autumn or early spring to add a fedora to your look.

And be sure to know about etiquette that surrounds wearing a hat like a fedora to events and special occasions. Take your hat off when you enter an indoor area. This is a classic rule of men’s fashion and etiquette, so only don your fedora when spending time outdoors.

Lastly, consider classic colors when shopping for a fedora. While more modern looks might incorporate a bolder color option, you can’t beat a timeless fedora in simple, yet stylish shades of black, gray, navy blue, or brown.

Other Men’s Accessories & Wardrobe Must-Haves

Once you’ve crafted a wardrobe and added a stunning fedora, consider the other kinds of accessories you need for your look! Kohl’s provides essentials like belts, ties, dress socks, and more - all designed to get the most out of your complete ensemble!

You’ll also want to find the perfect pair of shoes to complete your look, and Kohl’s has just what you need! Our selection of men’s footwear offer casual and dress boots, dress shoes like Oxfords, smart-casual sneakers, and lots more.

Shop Kohl’s for men’s apparel, accessories, basics, and more at Kohl’s! We have your outfits covered from head to toe, offering plenty of styles and brands that fit your fashion sense, as well as your budget!