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Men's Cargo Pants

One of the most popular ways to dress down when it comes to men's pants is with a great pair of men's cargo pants. But contrary to popular belief, men's cargo pants can also be a fantastic way to dress up. Whatever your reason for wearing them, one thing is crystal clear: every man needs at least one pair of cargo pants for both dress up and dress down, and when it comes to finding the best pair for both worlds, Kohl's has you covered. Cargo pants for men have become one of the most popular styles of men's casual wear over the last several years. They have been more in style at certain times than at others, but they've never gone out of style and now in this post-modern digital age, cargo pants have had a cultural resurgence to become once again a men's fashion trend to be reckoned with.

Cargo pants surged onto the fashion scene in the mid-to-late 1990s. Following a "trickle up" theory of how fashions spread, cargo pants were first worn as fashion by urban hip-hop performers in the 1990s. This trend flowed up to the mass market; cargo pants could be found at almost any men's or women's clothing retailer. Although the cargo pockets on most items were functional during this era, as they always were, they often were unused and just worn as decorative details.

While cargo pants were a major fashion trend in the 1990s, the history of these popular bottoms is purely functional. First worn by soldiers as early as the 1930s, cargo pants provided storage and easy access to gear. Cargo pants are still worn for functional and fashion purposes. The traditional cargo pant is a utilitarian pair of khaki pants, differentiated from regular pants by its cargo pockets. Cargo pockets are large square-shaped patch pockets located on the side of each pant leg, usually at the lower thigh. These are in addition to the standard front pockets. Cargo pockets usually fold shut and secure with a snap or Velcro, and are pleated to expand to accommodate storage of larger items.

Dress Cargo Pants

Whether it's a formal gathering or just another day at work, you'll need a trusty pair of dress pants that will keep you looking fresh. That's where dress cargo pants come in. You can shop our collection of cargo pants for work to keep you looking hip while dressed in your best. With many different styles and colors to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect new pair of dress cargo pants for you! Take a look at men's dress pants from trusted brands such as Dockers and Dickies to give your attire a regal look for your next appearance at a wedding, formal dinner, or work meeting.

Casual Cargo Pants

Maybe you're just looking for a pair of cargo pants that are perfect for informal, everyday wear. Well, look no further than Kohl's selection of casual cargo pants. Pick up a pair of cargo pants to wear at your next night out with friends, or you can add it to your casual Friday attire. And be sure to check out our options for casual footwear to bring your laid-back attire to new heights!

Kohl's has a wide variety of men's cargo pants to choose from, with many different styles, brands and colors available, including men's Unionbay cargo pants, men's black cargo pants, and men's work cargo pants, so you can be sure you'll find the right option you need for your on-the-go lifestyle. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the men's apparel options you need for everyday wear. Be sure to shop our full line of dress pants, activewear, shoes, and more, that will make your daily outfits look even better!

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